God's Help on Icy Bridge

An individual shares how she experienced God's control of everything, even careening traffic on an icy bridge.

Categories: Fear, Power of Prayer, Safety

This year's polar vortex (a cyclone-like swirling of the wind at the north and south poles) caught all kinds of media attention as parts of the United States shivered in sub-zero temperatures.

It reminded me of a wonderful healing I had some years ago while living in a river city. The wind chill factor that week ranged from -10 to -70° F. Traveling was difficult as it was hard to get a car started. Icy conditions made traction almost impossible.

On one particularly bone-chilling day, I was driving across the bridge over the Illinois River on my way to work. I noticed cars skidding on patches of ice and sliding towards the side of the bridge. I hit the breaks to avoid an oncoming car and immediately started to drift to the side of the bridge.

This automotive ballet was frightening, and I shouted aloud, "God is in control!" Instantly, all the cars came to a complete halt. It took over an hour for the cars to get back into a flow of traffic, but not one car was hit or damaged in any way. Everyone was safe.

Earlier that morning, I had been studying the 91st Psalm and praying to see everyone abiding under the "shadow of the Almighty." What a clear demonstration of God's control. I'm forever grateful.