A Young Girl Prays for Her Brother

The Bible and the Ten Commandments help an eight year old heal her brother of a fever.

By Cassidy, age 8

Categories: Health, Ten Commandments (1-5)

One day my brother was very hot and not feeling well. During the night I woke up quite a few times because he was crying and coughing. I knew that he wasn't feeling well.

In the morning I woke up earlier than anyone else, so I pulled out the Bible and I went to Exodus 20 and read the 10 Commandments. Then I really thought about "Thou shalt not steal." I thought about how error could not steal my brother's "perfectness." Then I thought about "Honor thy father and thy mother." I thought about how God was my brother's father and mother and would take care of him in any situation.

That day I sang lots of hymns and I read lots of things from the Bible. I read the story about Jesus healing the woman of fever right away. I knew that God could do that for my brother, too. My mom said that that same day Jesus went on to heal many other people right away, so I knew that my brother would be healed right away, too.

The next morning, I woke up and realized I had had a full night's sleep without hearing a sound. Then I went to go look for my brother. I found him in his room sitting on the floor playing with his Legos. Then I saw him skipping around, playing happily. I knew that God had healed him.

I felt happy that I had helped pray and see my brother's healing. That day I smiled all day without a frown. I was happy to play with my happy brother, too.