Healing of Bee Sting

A 5-year-old girl is quickly healed of bee sting while swimming

Categories: Health, Paul

Our 5-year-old daughter was swimming with friends when a little honey bee came along. It flew over the water and then right into our daughter's face, stinging her on the cheek.

Our daughter remained very calm. Her daddy was able to pull the stinger out. I wanted her to come over so I could look at her. She did, but she wanted to get back to swimming, which she loves. "I'm fine, Momma. Daddy got the stinger out," she insisted. I put a dab of aloe vera on it, but it stayed on for only a few seconds before she dove underwater. None of us made a big deal of it at all. What's the point of making someone scared or concerned? God is more powerful than any sting.

So we turned to God in prayer. I've always loved the story of Paul having a viper crawl on him. He didn't get scared; he simply shook off the poisonous snake and was totally unharmed (Acts 28:1-6). If Paul could do it, so could my daughter. She wasn't acting as if she was hurt by the bee. In fact she was having a fantastic time swimming and playing.

When she got out of the water, her cheek was swollen a little bit. I checked to make sure the stinger was totally out. It was. We continued praying, knowing that there could be no reaction. There was no fear, and love casts out fear (1 John 4:18). I thought about the little bee, too, who wouldn't be flying around any more. They're such useful and necessary creatures. And if we're all one in God's creation, then there's no reason for any one of God's creation to hurt another, or for there to be a collision with another creature. We're all harmonious.

We had a great evening, eating dinner, playing, laughing. There wasn't another thought about the bee sting. The swelling was totally gone. Our daughter was free.

I really appreciated that she didn't let a bee sting get in the way of her fun. She had no fear. To me, there was a direct correlation between her healing and her confidence that all was well. We knew that God could handle it!