Relationships — Friendship

Do You Trust?

How do you trust your friends and yourself?

Counteracting Prejudice with the Golden Rule Truth

What can you do about prejudice and hatred?

Be a Builder

What makes you feel good about yourself? What tears you down?

Love Your Enemies

How can we love our "enemies," those who hurt us? And why should we?

Try Mercy

Have you ever needed a second chance? Try mercy: be kind to others and find happiness.

Want Good Friendships? Unplug and Connect

Connecting with others creates strong and meaningful friendships. But phones and other electronic devices are getting in the way of true connection.

Valentine's Day and Thoughts on Love

Excited by Valentine's Day? Or worried, perhaps lonely? Here's a different option. Define love in God's terms.

What Are We Planting?

What are we planting? Selfishness or service? Complaint or gratitude. We get out what we put in.

The Sun Shines. We Love.

Can we be like the sun and shine love on everyone regardless of how they act?

See It From Their Perspective

Do you wish people understood you? Be the first to see things from their perspective!

Give Love

What is the greatest gift we can give (or receive) this Christmas?

The Power of Flexibility

When a strong wind blows, the trees that remain standing are the ones that bend. We also have to learn to be flexible when it comes to our plans. It is important we bend to meet other people in compromise.

True Brotherhood

Jesus had an immediate bond with the people he met; they became a part of his brotherhood. We can also form brotherhoods with the people we meet by thinking of others as children of God, loving them like siblings, and respecting them.

Love - The Communication Process

Our communication with God should be a model for our daily communication with our peers. We have to say what is on our mind, but we also have to listen. By listening to others, we identify how to best respond and how to best send our message.

True Charity is Love

Charity is often associated with the foundational set of Christian ethics. Yet, most people, even some Christians, don't realize that charity isn't just money. Be generous with your kindness, love, and compassion to spread true charity.

True Friendship

Friends help define and shape who we are and who we become. Yet, finding the people we want around us can be a challenge. Instead of searching for better friends, try being a better friend.

Our #1 Relationship

The relationships with our friends, parents, siblings, and others significant can overshadow our relationship with God. However, as Abraham demonstrated throughout his life, when we set ourselves right with God, and prioritize him in our lives, our other relationships fall into place.