A Boy Healed of an Upset Stomach

An 11-year-old boy shares how he used his favorite childhood lullaby, the 23rd Psalm, to heal his upset stomach.

By Aaron Tice, 11

Categories: Health, Psalms

About a year ago, I woke up in the middle of the night. I wasn't feeling well. I was throwing up and didn't have control of my bodily functions. It was very hard to get back to sleep. I only had about an hour of sleep. In the morning, I couldn't go to school.

My mom told me to read, so I read the Bible, which is the only thing I ever think about when I'm sick. I've always loved Psalm 23. When I was little, we would sing lullabies when I was going to bed. I'd always say, "Mom, read the sheepie song." So I looked for Psalm 23 and read it a lot more than once. I knew from that song that God is always watching me, and He is guiding me. Since God knows all, He couldn't guide me through the wrong path.

It was a beautiful day, and I was missing out on it. But I was learning how much God cares for me, so it didn't matter. I just kept thinking about God's love for me the whole day. I felt better. I stopped throwing up for a bit. But when my thoughts got off track, and I focused on my body, my stomach started feeling queasy again. So I just stayed with the 23rd Psalm, thinking about God guiding me. Then I sat down and took a nap. When I woke up, I was feeling much better. My mom had gone out for just a little bit, and when she got home, I told her, "I can go to school tomorrow."

I was healed. I really love the 23rd Psalm. One thought can bring so much healing to the world if you know it well enough.

Aaron Tice, 11

That day when Aaron wasn't feeling well, I had to go out for a little bit. I didn't want to leave him, but I didn't have a choice. I needed to know that God was taking care of him. I needed to be able to trust my son to God. When I came home, he told me he had read the 23rd Psalm and felt better. I was very grateful for his healing and for being able to trust God completely to care for my child.

Heather Tice