Psalms are the most heartfelt songs we can imagine that represent every different occasion in life — moments of great joy and gratitude as well as moments of great sorrow and perplexity. In the Book of Psalms, you will find verses that will surprise you with their perfect fit with events in your own life at any given time. We can always turn to Psalms for inspiration — with a humility that yearns to know God better, to feel His tender presence, and, ultimately, to rejoice and praise God's goodness.

Kids and Sunday School Resources

Projects and Activities

  • A "First Aid" Kit of Psalms - Create a list of Psalms to help children with specific problems
  • David's Prayer Journal - Shep and Lily discuss David's psalms and encourage kids to keep their own prayer journal
  • Explore the Book of Psalms - Find the longest chapter, the shortest chapter, and the midpoint in the Bible
  • Personal 23rd Psalm Books - Look at 23rd Psalm books created by a Sunday school class of 4th and 5th graders
  • Psalm 133 in Legos - Shalom Clark illustrated Psalm 133:1-3 using Legos® and Comic Life©.
  • Psalm 23 in Legos - A mother shares how having her boys create Lego scenes depicting the 23rd Psalm brought about a healing of a fever.
  • A Psalm of My Coach - 7th grader, Yukari, wrote a Psalm about time God was her coach in a fencing match.
  • Psalm Writing - A Psalm is a prayer to God, telling Him about what's happening in your life.
  • Sing a New Song for Your Life - Write your own new song as Psalms 96:1 encourages
  • Writing an Acrostic Psalm - In an acrostic Psalm, like Psalm 119, each of the verses started with one of the letters from the 22-lettered Hebrew alphabet.
  • Writing Psalms - Students answer a series of questions to help them write a Psalm. This exercise can be customized for younger or older children.

Fun and Games

  • Break the Code - Psalms - Decipher the Bible verses (all of them are Psalms)
  • Coloring Page - The Lighted Path
  • Coloring Page - The Lord is My Shepherd
  • Growing Strong in the Lord - Read Psalms 1:1-3 and then find your way through the maze to the stream
  • Psalm 104 - Cut out the pictures and put them in the right place in the Psalm
  • Psalm 107 - Match the leaf pattern to discover the Bible verse
  • Psalm 117 - This is the shortest psalm in the Bible. Write two things that you praise God for
  • Psalm 147 - Fill in the words from the Psalm and then find those objects in the picture
  • Psalm 148 - Fill in the words from the Psalm and then find those objects in the picture
  • Psalm 8 - Cut out the pictures and put them in the right place in the Psalm
  • Psalm Fill In - Use the list of words in the box to fill in the blanks of Psalm 100
  • The Psalms—Songs to the Lord - Find your way through the maze of musical instruments
  • A Question about Psalms - Identify which two psalms David wrote in the cave
  • Thanksgiving Psalms - Use brown, red, orange, and yellow crayons to trace the words from Psalm 95:2.

Read a Story

A hymn of praise

A Psalm of great comfort

More Psalms

Psalms about God as a Teacher and Guide
(book 1)

Psalms about nature
(book 1)

Psalms dealing with praise and singing
(book 2)

Psalms showing how God helps us
(book 2)

Another Psalm of Praise
(book 3)

A Psalm about nature
(book 4)

Psalms showing how God is our help and guide
(book 5)

Psalms for Younger Children
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Psalms for Older Children
The Book of Psalms contains five hymnals.

  • Book one is Ps. 1-41
  • Book two is Ps. 42-72
  • Book three is Ps. 73-89
  • Book four is Ps. 90-106
  • Book five is Ps. 107-150


    Adult and Teen Resources

    Articles — Everyday Living

    • Safe in Our Shepherd's Care - Most Sunday Schools and children's Bible stories stress the idea of God as our Shepherd, but what does that entail? As our Shepherd, God guides us, comforts us, and elevates us to our best. We are his sheep, and he has only our best interests in mind.
    • There's Always a Way Out - If we feel trapped, scared by emotions or situations, we can trust God's loving hand to rescue us.

    Guests — Everyday Living

    • Bob Moline – Songwriter/Composer/Singer - Bob Moline, Songwriter/Composer/Singer, shares his insights, explaining how artists (everyone) can look beyond themselves, persist, and trust God to give them what they need. He also talks about his work with Disney, the Psalms, and other music.
    • Haley Henderson – Ballet Dancer - Haley Henderson, professional ballet dancer since age 17, believes discipline is essential to growth; how she's overcome jealousy and maintained her morals through love; how turning to the Bible and cherishing her relationship with God keeps her safe; and more.

    Healing Messages — Everyday Living

    Parenting — Everyday Living

    • Camp One-A-Days - One way to connect with your youngster each day of summer camp is to send him with a packet of envelopes, one for each day, that contain supportive Bible messages.
    • The Lord is Our Shepherd - As we work at becoming acquainted with God, we will see all the different ways in which our Shepherd is caring for us — giving us just what we need to solve a problem or meet a challenge.
    • Moving Forward with New Perspective - Focusing on God brings a comforting perspective of God's tender care for us in all situations.
    • Name-Calling - The Bible is full of name-calling! Take a look at Psalms to learn nicknames for God, which give us a clearer picture of God — and of ourselves as His image and likeness.
    • New Beginnings - New beginnings require trust in a child's ability to make wise decisions, choose good friends, and remain safe in God's love. Prepare for future events by considering the helpful truths in Psalm 139.
    • The Power of Praise - Praise is a great parenting tool! While a grumpy, complaining person is focused on what's wrong, a praiseful person is open to good as ever-present. Sing your praise through a psalm you write, just as David did!
    • Psalm 23 — It's Time to be a Sheep! - In Psalm 23, God is shown to be our guiding Shepherd, and we are His sheep. Each verse describes the very specific and wonderful ways in which we are constantly and tenderly shepherded.

    Books of the Bible — Bible Study

    Identity — Teen Time