Bee Stings Healed

Some healings come immediately with prayer. See how this boy faced his bee stings with God and got immediate results!

By Noah - age 9

Categories: Health, Psalms

One day I was playing in the woods at Camp with my friends. We were building a fort out of sticks, and tarps, and rope. One of my friends had a cart that he used to carry sticks in and he ran into a bees' nest. A little while later, I was going to gather sticks and I stumbled into the same nest. I was stung by two bees who must have been pretty annoyed at two humans trampling their home. I ran out of the woods hooting and hollering - not for joy! The Camp Director came running over to me and walked with me to the Camp Nurse. We talked about God as we walked there, and repeated verses from the Bible, like the 91st Psalm, about God taking care of me all the time. By the time we got to the Nurse, the stings didn't hurt as much. We pulled out the stingers, and I ran back to my friends pretty happy because the stings didn't hurt at all anymore.