The 23rd Psalm Heals Back Pain

Reading the 23rd Psalm leads to a healing of back pain.

By Fantazya Kemnitz, 11

Categories: Health, Psalms

A few months ago, when I was exercising with my mom, I twisted and did something that cracked my back in a weird way. I could still move, but not very much. I asked my mom if she would read the 23rd Psalm to me, and she said, "Yes." I was very happy about that. When she was reading it to me, I was thinking to myself, "God is my shepherd, and I am one of His sheep. As my shepherd, He would not let me get hurt or let me go astray."

When we were done reading, my mom told me I would be fine and that I should go to sleep. It was a little hard to sleep because my back felt uncomfortable, but I knew that God was there and that I was fine. When I woke up the next morning, I was able to move, and I felt great. I was very grateful to my mom for reading to me. I was very grateful to God for healing me!

Fantazya Kemnitz

We were at my sister's house when my daughter hurt her back. As she said, we prayed and read the 23rd Psalm. Before we left to come home, she was completely healed. I'm so grateful for how the truths in the Bible are so practical and applicable to our lives.

Lisa Konetchy