Cate's Game

See how many words ending in "cate" you can make and figure out how they relate to the Bible! Educate, eradicate, vindicate, adjudicate, communicate, lubricate…and many more!

By Caryl W. Krueger

Categories: Family

  • Learn a new word,
  • Talk about the Bible
  • Have fun

It works like this:
Begin by asking a question whose one-word answer will always include "cate" in it (hence the name, "Cate's Game"). Each "cate" word connects to the Bible – either a story, a person or a teaching. It's fun to find these connections…and to figure out which "cate" word best answers each question!

For example:
What word means "to teach"? Educate!
What book educates? The Bible!

Now, choose a word from the following list of "cate" words and see if youngsters can first guess the word, and then connect it to the Bible.

Here are some words - with some hints to help make the connection (in some cases, there are a few possible answers) :

To oil. (Lubricate) The story of Elijah and the widow's oil. (II Kings 4:1-7)

To foretell. (Prognosticate) The prediction of the coming of the Messiah. (Isaiah 9: 6, 7)

To teach. (Educate) The greatest teachings in the Bible stem from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. (Matthew 5 onward)

To rub out. (Eradicate) Pharaoh tries to get rid of the Children of Israel. (The book of Exodus)

To recommend. (Advocate) The serpent suggests that Eve eat of the tree of life. (Genesis 3: 1-5)

To talk with. (Communicate) God speaks to the child Samuel. (I Samuel 3: 1-10)

To find. (Locate) A lost axe is found in the water. (II Kings 6:5,6)

To eat. (Masticate) Jesus feeds 5000. (Matthew 14:15-21)

To confuse. (Complicate) Different languages confuse the people at Babel. (Genesis 11: 1-9)

To cure. (Medicate) The Good Samaritan heals wounds with wine and oil. (Luke 10:25-37)

To lie. (Fabricate) Jacob deceives his father Isaac (Genesis 27: 1-44)

To prove right. (Vindicate) Jesus shows Thomas that he was indeed crucified and risen from the dead. (John 20: 24-29)

See if you can find the stories that go with these words:

  • Abdicate
  • Adjudicate
  • Collocate
  • Duplicate
  • Deprecate
  • Implicate
  • Imprecate
  • Indicate
  • Inculcate
  • Placate
  • Pontificate
  • Predicate

Have FUN!