Parenting – Gratitude

Gratitude is Riches

A dad writes a letter of gratitude to his parents.

Handling Disappointment and Discouragement

A young son illustrates a loving way to deal with disappointment.

Gratitude and Love Lead the Way

Glorifying - expressing and reflecting - God is satisfying, refreshing, full-time work. Being grateful and actively loving is one fast way out of the pit of self-centered discouragement and apathy.

Rejoice Evermore! and "Pray Without Ceasing"

Gratitude, regular prayer, and sticking with the spiritual facts of God's goodness are just a few of the ways we and our children can pray without ceasing and rejoice evermore.

Living a Whine-Less Life!

By staying focused on the good and the true, in accord with the nature and laws of God, we'll have no trouble living a whine-less life!

Thanksgiving — Giving Thanks!

Giving thanks means doing something — it invites an expression of gratitude. Thanksgiving is a time to show our genuine care and love for everyone in our lives.

Now Is the Only Time

A tanglble sense of God-with-me, God-with-us, is proof of our constant at-one-ness with divine Love, of being encompassed and animated solely by Spirit — right now, and now, and now…

Lists of Blessings

Gratitude lists are less about specific "things" and much more about the idea or essence of each thing. Gratitude is love-in-action — and 'tis always the season for that!

The Lens of Gratitude

Family time presents wonderful opportunities to spend true quality time together and to refresh ourselves with grand spiritual views. Through the lens of gratitude, we see more clearly the goodness that underpins our lives.

The Importance of Expressing Gratitude

Why take or make time to express gratitude? Because without it, we might be tempted to doubt goodness or how long good will last. Gratitude fills the heart with light and joy — enough to conquer any doubt!

A Month of Gratitude!

Generate a daily family discussion of reasons for feeling grateful. A list of questions is provided to start the conversation. Gratitude expresses our love for God every day!

THANKS come first!

Following Jesus' example, we can learn to give thanks before receiving a gift or a blessing. Thanking God first is proof of our trust that God is always with us. Take this month to give more thanks than ever!

The Grateful Chain — Thanksgiving

November and the Thanksgiving season are a perfect time of year to make a family grateful chain. Encouraging our children (and ourselves!) to express gratitude is an essential part of family life. Build gratitude into each day!