Parenting – Summer

The Essence of Summer

Summer reminds us to enjoy life, moment by moment, as we center our attention on God.

The Summer Adventure of Psalm 8

Refer to Psalm 8 to find ways to integrate nature and outreach into a more exciting and enriching summer. We can reflect God's brilliance in all we do — in new ways and in more ways.

Your Own Summer Games

Here are several Bible-related games that can teach valuable life-lessons while you have fun together as a family. Summer is a great time to develop a child's appreciation for the Bible.

Paul — A Friend for the Summer

Paul gives us much to think and pray about, change and do, ways to act with family and others we meet, and guidelines for how to have a more satisfying summer closer to God.

Summertime Safety

Bible stories tell of overcoming every fear. How comforting it is to know that God loves and nurtures each of his children in harmony, joy, perfection -- with complete protection from harm.

Camp One-A-Days

One way to connect with your youngster each day of summer camp is to send him with a packet of envelopes, one for each day, that contain supportive Bible messages.

Family Summer Reading

A great family activity is to read the Bible together during summer vacation. Maybe pick up a more modern translation of the Bible to help promote understanding and discussion.

Playing In The Streets

The freedom of summer should include a freeing sense of safety in terms of where our children are and what they're doing. Let's help our children know the peace and security of living in God's "peaceable kingdom."