Parenting – Spring / Easter

Spring, Passover, Easter

Springtime includes special celebrations that reflect different traditions. Every child should understand the historical nature and distinctiveness of spring, Passover, and Easter.

Cultivating the Garden of Our Heart

In honor of Spring's promise of renewal and rejuvenation, let's cultivate the garden of our heart so our thoughts (and, therefore, our actions) radiate the beauty and goodness of God.

More than Chocolate Bunnies

Easter means much more than a basket of candy! It is symbolic of the Jewish Passover and of Jesus' history. And, Easter has great relevance for mankind today.

Hatred vs. Humility

Hatred played a major role in the days leading up to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. But, humility had the larger part: Jesus' example is for us all to prove daily.

Acting Up is OK!

Acting out the roles of different Bible characters associated with the week leading up to Easter is a wonderful way to help children learn the deeper lessons of Holy Week. Have fun acting up!

Gardening with God

Learn subtle lessons from the garden that stem from themes found in the Bible. The Bible is filled with horticulture and the beauty of nature.

Words of Wisdom

Teaching our children the meaning and significance of religious terms is essential. Words have power, and misunderstanding can lead to confusion and fear that should be clarity, peace and confidence.