Parenting – Fatherhood / Motherhood

Lovingly Parenting Anyone Who Needs It

Trusting God, our primary parent, who simply, purely, wholly loves every single one of His children, we are able to help any child of God in times of great need.

Parenting and Spiritual Poise

Spiritual poise helps us realize that God is the true Father and Mother of our children and ourselves which assists us in responding to each situation with love.

Isaiah 54:11-14

Isaiah assures us that God keeps His Word - and that each of us can be at peace right where turmoil appears to be. The more we know "of" God, the more peace will reign and all sense of turmoil will fade away.

One Ever-Present Parent — God!

The underlying framework for how to parent well is the Bible. Turn to God as the most resilient, reliable, and ready source of answers to all parenting questions. God parents us all — child and parent, alike.

Father's Day

The more we come to know God as our one, consistent and everlasting Father, the more we will see and feel all the good and wonderful fathering qualities in our lives.

The Lord is Our Shepherd

As we work at becoming acquainted with God, we will see all the different ways in which our Shepherd is caring for us — giving us just what we need to solve a problem or meet a challenge.

Trusting the Fatherhood and Motherhood of God

Each new adventure our children embark on can teach the entire family to better understand God as Father-Mother — always there, always protecting, guiding, and caring for each and every one of us.

Fathered Everyday!

How many different ways are we fathered every day, even if our own dad isn't present? Everyone's life includes the qualities of a good father — strength, wisdom, discipline, shepherding…love.

Let's Celebrate Motherhood

True mothering is much more than extraordinary human effort to just "be there." It is based on the recognition that God is Love, and man (male and female) is the expression of that Love — is Love in action.

The Value of Being a Good Father

Fathering (and mothering) establishes a standard in the mind of the child that is based on Love and Principle. This standard of righteous living then guides the child in daily actions and decision-making.

God is Mother

Knowing God as a tender, ever-present, ever-attentive Mother affirms what it takes to be a mom, what it means to feel mothered, and how we — each one of us — can feel God's constant mothering.

Psalm 23 — It's Time to be a Sheep!

In Psalm 23, God is shown to be our guiding Shepherd, and we are His sheep. Each verse describes the very specific and wonderful ways in which we are constantly and tenderly shepherded.

A Fathers' Day Story about Two Sons

The story of the Prodigal Son sheds light on fatherhood as much as on the role of two very different children. It relates to all of us, parents and children, because God is our ultimate Parent.

Celebrating Motherhood

Hannah is an outstanding example of mothering qualities and abiding grace! She trusts God to care for both Samuel, her absent son, and herself, a long-distance mom.

Beloved Child, Beloved Parent

God loves every single child always and forever. This love is not dependent on a youngster's intellect, activities, or behavior. It leads the parent to guide the child rightly and tenderly, and the child to respond properly and confidently.

The Power of Praise

Praise is a great parenting tool! While a grumpy, complaining person is focused on what's wrong, a praiseful person is open to good as ever-present. Sing your praise through a psalm you write, just as David did!