Parenting – Guidance

Prayer - The Best Self-Care for Parents

To parent effectively, we've got to take care of ourselves. How do we do this ... and find the time?

Our Children Are Not Our Enemies

Our children's outbursts are a cry for help. How can we move closer right when we want to move away?

Moved by Love, Not Anger

Ever gotten angry about your child pushing boundaries? You're not alone. But there's a better way.

Father, Forgive Them

Jesus' final words on the cross expressed healing power of Love and set the standard for all of us.

Moving Forward with New Perspective

Focusing on God brings a comforting perspective of God's tender care for us in all situations.

Change is Good!

Turning to God opens our thought to new ideas and actions that help us respond to change with a sense of peace and confidence..

Isaiah 54:11-14

Isaiah assures us that God keeps His Word - and that each of us can be at peace right where turmoil appears to be. The more we know "of" God, the more peace will reign and all sense of turmoil will fade away.

Change is Hard

Knowledge and trust in the Almighty God. Knowing God and trusting God are guaranteed to prevail against fear and its sidekick, resistance — two of the harshest critics of any inclination to change.

To Let — A Higher View

To "let go and let God" is an act of participation, not retreat. It's to get out of God's way all the while affirming that God is right here, operating, governing, adjusting, dissolving being God.

List-less Living

Learn to let go of a preconceived agenda or master list of things that must be — will be — done, and trust the Almighty's disposal of events, day by day, moment by moment.

Reaching Out to God for Help

How do we pray when someone we love is in trouble? We turn with all our hearts to a loving, good, protecting, and healing God. We listen and we humbly follow and trust.

Keeping Our Thoughts and Words Aligned with God

God is as close to us — as available, present, committed, and connected to us — as our thoughts and words. Acknowledging this spiritual fact lets God guide all our interactions with others.

Challenges and Decisions!

God leads us to the answers to all of the doubts, questions, issues, decisions, and challenges that appear to undermine our unwavering trust in His constant care.

A Month of Healings

Jesus' healings provide inspiration and guidance for all time and for each of us. All we need to do is follow in his footsteps. Make a family study of Jesus' healings to discover and feel God's love and power right here, right now.

Biblical Examples

The Bible gives numerous stories of individuals and nations, who forget their identity, until God reminds them of who they are and leads them back to peace and prosperity.


He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. This verse is a guaranteed promise, and it blesses anyone who is yearning for solutions at home or school, on the job or the road — anywhere!

O' God, Change Me So That I Can Love Them Better!

When we ask God to change us so that we can see the beauty, goodness, and holiness God created, wonderful things happen to our relationships with our children — with everyone.

Living the Ten Commandments

Outdated, boring, archaic, and useless — is that how your youngsters might describe the Ten Commandments? Join in the discussion of why these basic commands for better living have lasted for centuries.

This Topic is a Killer!

Let's commit to spending as much time praying for peaceable solutions to problems as we spend on arguments, confrontations, wars, killing, and death. Eliminate the casual use of the word "kill" today!

Get a Job!

Finding a summer job might be a challenge, but it starts with praising God daily for the ability and opportunity to work, to learn, to refine skills, and to benefit all humankind.

Message from a Mystery Man

We don't know his identity, but we do learn from his message of some of the best ways to establish and maintain harmony in the family and in life generally. Listen and enjoy!

Down in the Dumps?

Discouraged? Take a look at Paul's life to learn practical ways to overcome "the dumps" by finding the lessons to be learned from each challenge. Practice Christly thinking and replace discouragement with joy!

Rules for Fights!

What can a parent do to prevent fights, solve fights, figure out what is worth fighting for, and even eliminate fights? Express wisdom, expect creative solutions, honor God, and be invisible to evil.

A Treasure Hunt

Ecclesiastes is full of wise advice on how to attain the best in life — all of which starts with putting God first. See how many verses you can find that remind us of the true substance of a good life.

The Ten Commandments, Always New and Fresh

The 10 Commandments are a perfect reminder at the start of a new year of the basic principles for a good, happy, productive life. Discover new meaning and inspiration through family discussions.

Fear Versus Confidence

Let's look at Bible characters who faced their fears and overcame big challenges. There's no better way to solve our problems or confront our fears than to be assured of God's presence and power!

First Things First

The Bible includes helpful ideas on how to prioritize the events of each day. Here are five topics that will help focus your family on what is important. Parents and children, both, will benefit from timely reminders to put first things first!

The Bible and Bullies

Standing up to bullies, keeping our composure in the face of aggression, finding the words and actions that let us be both principled and loving — these are our goals when faced with bullying.

Thou Shalt Not Steal!

Borrowing of the wrong sort is based on the feeling that one's own needs are not being fulfilled. But, God loves and supplies His children with exactly what they need when they listen to Him and respond.