Parenting – New Year / Change

Moving Forward with New Perspective

Focusing on God brings a comforting perspective of God's tender care for us in all situations.

Change is Good!

Turning to God opens our thought to new ideas and actions that help us respond to change with a sense of peace and confidence..

Change is Hard

Knowledge and trust in the Almighty God. Knowing God and trusting God are guaranteed to prevail against fear and its sidekick, resistance — two of the harshest critics of any inclination to change.

A New Year, A Renewing Promise

As we set goals and envision how to achieve them, we should first affirm our spiritual heritage because in that affirmation lies the promise of God's constant care.

The Best New Year's Resolution

Putting God first helps us maintain a balanced life. Jesus' Sermon on the Mount is full of "how to" ideas for respecting oneself and others — for living compassionately, purposefully, and productively.

Change Needed — or Stuck in the Mud?

How can we make real changes in our lives? Consider the Bible story of Saul/Paul to better understand the benefits and blessings of making lasting changes in our lives.

Opposition...Good or Bad?

Solutions to any opposition can be found by looking at how Nehemiah rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem. If we're opposed to evil and have a "mind to work," we can overcome any opposition.

The Blessings of Change

Changes for the better can be effortless, giving family members dominion over career moves, homework, sports, relationships, fears, stress, the economy, bullies, and even terrorists.

A Letter about YOU

If you were a letter, what would that letter say? We are writing our letters each day. Each of us has the spiritual sense to make our personal letter a shining example of Christliness.

Ants, Prizes, and A New Year

Looking ahead to the new year and striving to achieve specific goals — what a great way to establish good habits and gain the prize of a purposeful as well as happy life. Proverbs offers wise counsel to all ages!

New Beginnings

New beginnings require trust in a child's ability to make wise decisions, choose good friends, and remain safe in God's love. Prepare for future events by considering the helpful truths in Psalm 139.

Goals for a New Year

A goal is an achievement that requires effort or dedication. It is nice to know that "with God all things are possible." Goals help us determine how to spend our time, and how to give to others.