Establishing a Healthy Home

The most effective healthcare system for your family should include assurances from the Bible through countless instances of God's love, which overcomes health problems and fears.

By Caryl W. Krueger

Categories: Family

Happy and healthy - that's what many parents say are their primary goals for their family. They may feel in control of creating a happy environment, but they often face fears about health issues. Television news, popular magazines, and the internet are filled with suggestions on how to maintain good health. We're continually reminded: "Wash your hands before you eat." "Cover your mouth when you cough." "Don't drink from someone else's glass." "Stay home if you're sick."

Still, hidden in consciousness is the fear that these well-meaning suggestions are not enough, and more important, are not effective. Parents need to support each other and their children in finding the most effective healthcare system. Whatever that system may be, it should include assurances from the Bible that God, the caring Parent of us all, has provided countless instances of overcoming health problems and fears. No matter what method of healthcare you choose, take time regularly to consider just how the Bible can support your family in bringing harmonious conclusions to today's frightening predictions. Do it together, do it slowly, find the messages, rejoice in successes, be persistent in putting illness out of mind and body. Here are some ideas.

FEAR. It can seem natural to fear something that can harm us, something we don't understand. So, take action. Even if you think you know it already, read the story of David versus Goliath (I Samuel 17:4-50). David triumphs because he knows his cause is God-based. His "ammunition" is simple. In his young life, he has already experienced God's care. And later, David writes Psalm 91 expanding on the protection that God provides under many circumstances - read that psalm, too. Then, talk about how in the past God has cared for your family and also about the blessings of a God-based life.

HYSTERIA. Unless you talk with your children, their health knowledge may be based on fragments of news concerning fancy-named diseases, news that can bring on emotional worry. Yet, Jesus was not impressed with the scariest plague of his time: leprosy. As told in Mark 2: 40-42, Jesus healed the leprous man quickly and calmly without recuperation time. Jesus never responded to the popular excitement when someone was paralyzed, suffering disease for decades, or even dead. Knowing that God is still in action today can result in a calming confidence that brings healing.

SYMPTOMS. These are sometimes called "impending curses in mind and body." We can help our family to escape from these curses and their results through regular prayer together. And the operative word here is "regular." Ridding the body from the results of unhealthy thinking is usually not a one-time event. Each contagious suggestion of oncoming symptoms needs to be refuted with solid statements of God's impeccable care of every one of His children.

Establish daily prayer time, which is likely to be easier to do now as school winds down for the summer. Consider an in-depth study of Jesus' healings or the promises of good health found in the psalms. Using a paperback Bible, highlight passages relating to good health. You will find many, including these:

  • From Psalm 17: "Hold up my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not."
  • From Psalm 24: "He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart...He shall receive the blessing from the Lord..."
  • From Psalm 51: "Have mercy upon me, O God...wash me...Make me to hear joy and gladness...renew a right spirit within me..."
  • From Psalm 119: "Deal bountifully with thy servant that I may live, and keep thy word."
  • From Psalm 139: "If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there...thy right hand shall hold me."

Don't let health issues become a downer to your enjoyment of this summer. With your guidance, it can be a carefree time of love and adventure.