Guests – Community Service

Nimo Patel (Part 3)

Hip-hop Musician, Humanitarian, Part 3-God and Music

Nimo Patel (Part 2)

Humanitartian, Hip-Hop Musician, Part 2 - Paying It Forward

Nimo Patel (Part 1)

Musician, Humanitarian, Part 1-A Life-changing Focus: Service Or A Life Transformed - to Serve

Gina Harden (Part 2) - Depth of Faith

Gina Harden, the 7th woman Navy diver, was part of history, salvaging parts of the ironclad USS Monitor. And more...

Nancy Humphrey Case

Nancy Humphrey Case wrote Simple Prayers for people of all faiths (or no faith) to help people feel closer to God. Find out how she's followed God's lead.

Sarah Bell - Retired Librarian

Serving others and following the Golden Rule are necessary for success in life, claims Sarah, who served as a librarian.

Julianne Hinkel (Part 2) – Facilitator for Pathfinders

Julianne shares how she prayerfully prepares for her work with prisoners, takes Jesus' non-judgmental message to heart, stays open, and sees these 'prodigal sons' lives change.

Julianne Hinkel (Part 1) – Facilitator for Pathfinders

Julianne helps prison inmates so they can re-enter society successfully and permanently. Find out how forgiveness, facing their pasts, trust, decision making, transform their lives forever.

Sally Johnston – Volunteer in Africa

As a volunteer teaching English in Tanzania, Sally Johnston saw joy in the people despite their hardship of AIDS, poverty, abuse, loneliness. Find out how she also helped change their lives.

Sandy Wilder – President and CEO of Communico Ltd.

Sandy Wilder, President and CEO of Communico Ltd. and former pro soccer player, helps corporations create cultures that serve both employees and customers. He also explains the importance of finding our purposes, living within the divine order, serving others, and more.">

Mary Michael – Career Volunteer

Volunteer, Mary Michaels, has made giving to others her career. Learn how inspiration from the Bible has enabled her to help others change their lives.