Guests – Religion

Nancy Humphrey Case

Nancy Humphrey Case wrote Simple Prayers for people of all faiths (or no faith) to help people feel closer to God. Find out how she's followed God's lead.

Joanne Otto (Part 1) - Author

Joanne Otto recently wrote Daughter of Jerusalem, a novella about a young girl's life-changing contacts with Jesus during his stays in Jerusalem for the holy festivals.

Pastor Teresa Smith – Director of New Pathways Ministry

Pastor Teresa Smith decided not to keep her story of abuse secret. Her life changed. She found solidarity and healing. She's also been able to help individuals and churches that are struggling. Find out why she believes that telling our stories gives others hope and healing.

Olene Carroll – Bible Researcher and Tour Leader to Bible Lands

Find out how saying 'Yes' to God shaped Olene's career as she lived in Rome and Athens, researched Bible history and lands, became a tour guide, and shared insights.

Lynne Bundesen – Author

Lynne shares her discovery of the feminine nature of God as Mother, which comes directly from Biblical text. Read on to learn about women of the Bible and the Christ.

Andy Hill (Part 2) – Director, For Goodness Sake

Andy Hill explains how he found himself running a bicycling touring company. He also affirms that the solutions God provides are always peaceable and inclusive. Read on to discover his insights regarding how to deal with those who are angry and why it's important to him to see all people as God's children.

Andy Hill (Part 1) – Director, For Goodness Sake

Andy Hill shares how FGS and he provide a supportive environment for people to discover more about their own spiritual identity. Read on to learn why Andy feels experience is more important than knowledge. He also shares his insights on the transforming power of the Christ, prayer in decision-making, and the need to change from within to change the world.

Rabbi David Louis – Teacher, Writer, Lecturer

Rabbi David Louis is a teacher, writer, and traveling lecturer on the Kabala, metaphysics, and the Old Testament.

Dr. Rocco A. Errico – Minister, Aramaic Bible Scholar, Author

Dr. Rocco A. Errico is an ordained minister, Aramaic Bible scholar, lecturer on the ancient Near Eastern biblical Semitic culture, and author of Bible commentaries, who continues the work he did with Dr. Lamsa. Learn from insights he's gained – how the Bible is a reflection of people's concept of God, which Jesus totally revamped; how God is purely loving; how the Aramaic unlocks the Scriptures; and much more.

Michele O'Donnell – Author and Founder of Living Beyond Disease

Michele O'Donnell, author and founder of Living Beyond Disease, was a pediatric nurse when she discovered the Bible and spiritual healing. After her and her daughter's lives were transformed, she opened a healing center to help change others' lives. She shares her journey and her conviction that everything can be healed when we feel God's overwhelming Love and Mercy.

Immaculée Ilibagiza – Author and Speaker; Genocide Survivor

Immaculée Ilibagiza, survived the 1994 Rwandan genocide, living in a bathroom for 91 days in silence. Learn how she came to know God, found her prayers answered, discovered what it means to forgive, loves and forgives freely, and is sharing her story with others.

Caryl Waller Krueger – Child Development Specialist, Author, Bible Researcher

Caryl Waller Krueger, Child Development Specialist, Author, Bible Researcher and Lecturer, has been able to write family life books, lecture, share healing insights on the Bible, overcome grief, and reach out to others in need.

Madelon Maupin Miles – President of Milestones, Inc.

Madelon Maupin Miles, is President of Milestones, Inc., a Leadership Development Consulting Firm. She explains that she turns to the Bible continually for inspiration on how to communicate with her clients; help them become more effective executives, leaders, and team players; and see them in God's image.

Janet Horton – Retired Army Chaplain

Janet Horton, retired Army Chaplain, served our country for 28 years, during which she helped 9/11 casualties at the Pentagon, gave briefings on the terrorist mindset, taught ethics, and overcame resistance as one of the first women chaplains in the Army. She continues to use her hands to do God's work as she relies on the Bible for inspiration and healing.

Dick Davenport – Founder and Director of Higher Ground

Dick Davenport, Founder and Director of Higher Ground, shares what it means to be a model of faith, the role of grace and love, and how he helps students discover how God values everyone.