Guests – Military

Gina Harden (Part 2) - Depth of Faith

Gina Harden, the 7th woman Navy diver, was part of history, salvaging parts of the ironclad USS Monitor. And more...

Gina Harden (Part 1) - Diving and Salvage Officer

Gina Harden was awarded the Bronze Star for "Meritorious Service" in 2009 as she took care of 2,000 Navy Sailors in Afghanistan. Kindness and diplomacy were the key.

Janet Horton – Retired Army Chaplain

Janet Horton, retired Army Chaplain, served our country for 28 years, during which she helped 9/11 casualties at the Pentagon, gave briefings on the terrorist mindset, taught ethics, and overcame resistance as one of the first women chaplains in the Army. She continues to use her hands to do God's work as she relies on the Bible for inspiration and healing.

Major General Rob Ostenberg (Part 2) – U.S. Army Reserve

Major General Rob Ostenberg, U.S. Army Reserve, shares how he joined the Army during the Vietnam War, how he turned to the Bible and relied on God, and how God led and protected him throughout his service and career.

Major General Rob Ostenberg (Part 1) – U.S. Army Reserve

Rob Ostenberg, a Commanding Major General for the Army Reserves, explains his leadership role and the Army's effect in Iraq, emphasizes the importance of values.