Guests – Diplomat

Gina Harden (Part 1) - Diving and Salvage Officer

Gina Harden was awarded the Bronze Star for "Meritorious Service" in 2009 as she took care of 2,000 Navy Sailors in Afghanistan. Kindness and diplomacy were the key.

Lori Doutrich (Part 2) – International Woman

Lori Doutrich has learned a lot about living in God's kingdom as she and her family move around the world every two to three years with the Foreign Service. Find out how she's turned to God for her children's friends and schools. Be helped by insights she's gained about her identity and purpose as she looks for new jobs. Learn why she loves the embassy community and living abroad.

Lori Doutrich (Part 1) – International Woman

After a violent mob attacked the US Embassy in Tunis where her husband worked, Lori was evacuated to the US with their children. Living in a hotel apartment apart from her husband, Lori has been reevaluating life and home. Healing from the experience has not been easy, but she's found peace through prayer. Read about her experience.

Jessica Morse – International Relations Specialist

Find out how Jessica's reliance on Bible inspiration helped her return from a war zone unscathed, comfort others, be safe from threats, witness life transformations, and more.

Maya Dietz – U.S. Foreign Service Diplomat

Maya Dietz, a U.S. Diplomat in the Foreign Service, talked about her experiences while she served in Rwanda -- working to build relationships, communicate through the language barrier, and write the human rights report; living among people who trusted God to fulfill even their basic provisions; proving herself as a woman; seeing the need for and the benefit of forgiveness in the reconciliation process; and following a career based on her desire to serve, which was motivated by Jesus' words and actions.

Meggen Watt – Foreign Affairs Officer

Discover how Meggen Watt, relies on the Lord's Prayer as she works for the State Department with Russia and other countries on a nonproliferation initiative.