Guests – Law

Mike Ritter - Former Executive, Never a Victim

Mike Ritter got out of gangs, overcame economic hardships, and became the president of a major cable TV company. He never saw himself as a victim. There's always a choice.

Bud Krogh – Attorney and Author

Bud Krogh, Attorney and Author, talks about how, under President Nixon's direction to stop further leaks, he authorized the 'Plumbers' to carry out a 'covert operation,' what insights led him to take responsibility for and plead guilty to criminal conspiracy, how Bible passages and stories buoyed him in prison and trial, how he conquered fear, why integrity is so important to him, and how he's trying to help others make ethical decisions.

Susan Bates – Attorney

Learn why Susan Bates, Attorney (who fights for consumers' rights), thinks it's vitally important to 'agree with your adversary,' to see others' perspectives, to refuse to react to attacks, to stay focused, to maintain credibility, and more.

Jerry Farmer (Part 2) – Prosecuting Attorney

Prosecuting Attorney Jerry Farmer provides his insights into law and describes how passages from the Bible steadied and guided him as he determined the direction of felony cases and tried complicated murder cases.

Jerry Farmer (Part 1) – Prosecuting Attorney

Prosecuting Attorney Jerry Farmer explains how his study of the Bible helped him make decisions throughout his career and prosecute misdemeanor and felony cases.