Guests – Business

John Lupher (Part 2)

John shares insights on creating successful partnerships, giving, overcoming limitations, working with bureaucracies.

John Lupher (Part 1)

For John Lupher, successful entrepreneurship is about committing to personal growth, finding the Infinite within, and practicing unconditional happiness.

Villamans - God Leads Every Adventure, Living Abroad for a Year

Not every family lives abroad for a year. But the Villamans did. And God led them all the way.

Chris Jackson - President of Samuel Jackson, Inc.

Chris Jackson shares how he learned the Samuel Jackson business through tough times, practices the Golden Rule in a surprising way, removes distractions like Nehemiah, values gratitude as essential, and more.

Mike Ritter - Former Executive, Never a Victim

Mike Ritter got out of gangs, overcame economic hardships, and became the president of a major cable TV company. He never saw himself as a victim. There's always a choice.

Adam Messer – Management Consultant

How does establishing a spiritual foundation help us work successfully with others? Does God take us all the way in business and life? Find out how Adam's experience answers these questions.

Jessica Morse – International Relations Specialist

Find out how Jessica's reliance on Bible inspiration helped her return from a war zone unscathed, comfort others, be safe from threats, witness life transformations, and more.

Mark Publicover – President and Founder of JumpSport

Mark Publicover invented the first commercially successful safety net enclosure for trampolines. Learn how God's angels guided him in founding JumpSport. Discover how Mark and the company overcame personality conflicts, unfair business treatment, lawsuits, loss of money, and more.

Jim Miotke – President and Founder of BetterPhoto

Jim Miotke, President and Founder of BetterPhoto shares how God has helped him create and maintain his online photography school and publishing website; lead him successfully through betrayal and theft of intellectual property, competition, financial challenges; and bless him with a beautiful sense of abundance and family.

Kathleen Arnold – Rope Works Office Manager, Mountain Climber

Kathleen Arnold, Rope Works Office Manager and Mountain Climber, shares how relying on God has kept her and others safe while working at height on ropes. She also discusses the importance of commitment and equanimity, how she found her job and helped her company grow, and why she likes climbing.

Lisa Graff – General Manager, Intel Server Platforms

Lisa Graff, General Manager, Intel Server Platforms, shares how bringing a spiritual perspective to work, finding the good in others, and prayerfully refocusing her job goals has brought her peace and success in difficult technical and management situations.

Mark Tousey – Private Venture Capitalist

Learn why Mark Tousey, Private Venture Capitalist, believes humility is important in business and finance -- and how he learned this the hard way; how he's maintained integrity in cases when bribery was the norm; what characteristics he looks for in entrepreneurs he's considering backing financially; and more.

Cathy Raffles – Owner, President Creative Confections

Discover how Cathy Raffles, maintains a family-friendly business; encourages employees who are affected by gangs, drugs, and educational hardships; sees the good in everyone, which has healed industry-related problems; and looks at her business as a blessing.

Rachael Ownbey Gariano – Interior Designer

Rachael Ownbey Gariano, found her career niche in Interior Design; how God has helped her work through feeling burdened and stressed and balance school, work, and marriage; and why she turns to the Shepherd for direction.

Jean-Claude Estevenin – Industrial Designer

Jean-Claude Estevenin, is an Industrial Designer who designs airplanes for VIPs world-wide. Seeing God as the only creator has helped him realize there are no limitations, even when problems arise with designs, customers, deadlines, time-zone differences, etc.

Ray Villaman – Restaurant Owner

Ray Villaman, Restaurant Owner (Fireside Pizza Co.), shares insights regarding true responsibility, effective management, respect, confrontation, different views on customer service, charity, mistakes as opportunities for growth, the effects of trusting in God, and more.

Alexandra Salomon – Director of Sales and Online Business Development for The Christian Science Monitor

Alexandra Salomon, Director of Sales for The Christian Science Monitor, shares insights from her work in the Internet industry and as a nationally-ranked skier about feeling God's protection and direction, overcoming limitations, letting her light shine, and leadership.

Scott Farmer – Executive Director in Derivatives at UBS

Scott Farmer, Exec. Dir. in Derivatives, UBS, explains the importance of listening to the 'still small voice,' expressing the strength of love, and having moral integrity while he creates products amidst noise, stress, and emotionalism on the world's largest trading floor.

MaryEllen – Artist

MaryEllen Dohrs, Artist, shares how inspiration from the Bible, her desire to make things, and her concept of art as a way of seeing have shaped her career -- as the first woman in industrial design, to inventor, to sculptor and sculpture teacher.

Madelon Maupin Miles – President of Milestones, Inc.

Madelon Maupin Miles, is President of Milestones, Inc., a Leadership Development Consulting Firm. She explains that she turns to the Bible continually for inspiration on how to communicate with her clients; help them become more effective executives, leaders, and team players; and see them in God's image.

Tommy Vardell – Managing Director for Northgate Capital and Former NFL Player

Tommy Vardell, is Managing Director for Northgate Capital and a former NFL player. He explains how dealing with competition and personality issues on the football field prepared him for business, how listening to God and praying unselfishly is important for success, how he learned that real satisfaction comes from God, and why he never took legal performance enhancing drugs.

Thor Johnson – Owner of Boondoggle Sports

Learn how Thor Johnson, owner of Boondoggle Sports, succeeds in two full-time jobs -- turning to God, remaining calm, being passionate about his work, taking ownership, being a leader, finding rest.

Sharon Kay Moore – Co-Owner and President, Sunraay Electric, Inc.

Learn how partnering with God helped Sharon Kay Moore, co-Owner and President of Sunraay Electric, Inc., be a pioneer as a woman in a man's world.

Steve Alford – District Manager, Drilling Company

Steve Alford, District Manager for one of the largest drilling companies in the world, describes how knowing the Bible prepares us for handing all types of 'real life' situations.