Guests – Sports

Jessica Clark – Racecar Driver

Jessica Clark, is a teenage racecar driver, and she's good. She's a young woman in a male-dominated sport. During our interview, she shares how she got into racing and why she likes it. She explains how she prays and how her prayers help her handle the competition, drama, and intensity of racing, including crashes.

Kathleen Arnold – Rope Works Office Manager, Mountain Climber

Kathleen Arnold, Rope Works Office Manager and Mountain Climber, shares how relying on God has kept her and others safe while working at height on ropes. She also discusses the importance of commitment and equanimity, how she found her job and helped her company grow, and why she likes climbing.

Dave Osborn – Former Professional Windsurfer

Dave Osborn, former World-Class Professional Windsurfer, stopped competing at the height of his successful career. Find out what motivated his decision personally and professionally, how his life goals have changed, and why leading a selfless life is so important to him.

Mimi Osborn Combs – Equestrian Athlete and Trainer

Learn about Equestrian Athlete and Trainer, Mimi Osborn Combs' journey to the 1996 Olympics and Burghley Int'l during which she overcame obstacles (accidents, unfair treatment, disappointment) by letting go of her own plan and letting God guide her life. Learn, too, how she trains horses and riders for top-level competitions.

Tommy Vardell – Managing Director for Northgate Capital and Former NFL Player

Tommy Vardell, is Managing Director for Northgate Capital and a former NFL player. He explains how dealing with competition and personality issues on the football field prepared him for business, how listening to God and praying unselfishly is important for success, how he learned that real satisfaction comes from God, and why he never took legal performance enhancing drugs.

Shannon Miller (Part 2) – Most Decorated U.S. Gymnast

Olympic and World Champion gymnast, Shannon Miller, shares more insights about overcoming fear, handling pressure, setting goals, and trusting God.

Shannon Miller (Part 1) – Most Decorated U.S. Gymnast

Shannon Miller, Olympic and World Champion Gymnast (and author, speaker, coach, and law-student), describes how her faith and inspiration from the Bible has helped her overcome challenges growing up as a gymnast and still helps her today."