Guests – Education

Villamans - God Leads Every Adventure, Living Abroad for a Year

Not every family lives abroad for a year. But the Villamans did. And God led them all the way.

Kelsey Griswold-Bacigalupi

Kids' Korner Guest, Kelsey Griswold-Bacigalupi, a Golden "Athena" Medal winner, shares how she stands up for what is right and is a peacemaker.

Sarah Bell - Retired Librarian

Serving others and following the Golden Rule are necessary for success in life, claims Sarah, who served as a librarian.

Joanne Otto (Part 2) - Academic Language Specialist

"You are a song like no other song God has ever sung" Joanne writes in "The You-Song", inspired by her work with children struggling with dyslexia.

Christi Savoy (Part 2) - Educator

Find out how Christi helps children overcome fears, feel good about themselves, and learn from mistakes.

Christi Savoy (Part 1) - Educator

Christi Savoy, an elementary school teacher, shares how she supports the purpose of education - building character - by using the Golden Rule and refusing to label students.

Jeanne Sparks, Piano Teacher

Jeanne Sparks's insights from 30+ years as a piano teacher apply to all walks of life - how to quiet the noise and listen, work through mistakes, acknowledge what's good, pray and find answers.

Amy Sparkman – Homeschool

Amy Sparkman, private school teacher turned homeschool teacher, has two sons attending top notch universities and a third who is high school age. Her desire to nurture their individual strengths motivated her decision, enabling her to provide a very rich and well-rounded experience for them. Find out how she did it.

Laura Christie – Horsemanship Teacher

Laura explains how to restore health to problem horses and bring joy to their owners. 'The magic of connection with a horse can create a current of transformation in a person,' she says.

Julianne Hinkel (Part 2) – Facilitator for Pathfinders

Julianne shares how she prayerfully prepares for her work with prisoners, takes Jesus' non-judgmental message to heart, stays open, and sees these 'prodigal sons' lives change.

Julianne Hinkel (Part 1) – Facilitator for Pathfinders

Julianne helps prison inmates so they can re-enter society successfully and permanently. Find out how forgiveness, facing their pasts, trust, decision making, transform their lives forever.

Daphne Selbert (Part 2) – Dean of Library

Find out what Daphne Selbert experienced working in the United Arab Emirates at a university for women -- how she got to know and appreciate them, their culture and religion.

Daphne Selbert (Part 1) – Librarian Living in Iran

Find out what Daphne Selbert experienced working in the United Arab Emirates at a university for women -- how she got to know and appreciate them, their culture and religion.

Sally Johnston – Volunteer in Africa

As a volunteer teaching English in Tanzania, Sally Johnston saw joy in the people despite their hardship of AIDS, poverty, abuse, loneliness. Find out how she also helped change their lives.

Nancy Higham – Retired Educator

Learn why teaching students responsibility, respect, creativity, and how to solve real-life problems, overcome limitations, and meet high standards is so important to Nancy Higham, retired educator who ran her own school and taught in public, charter, and international schools. And find out how she did it!

Sean Hanser, PhD. – Marine Biologist

Marine Biologist Sean Hanser, PhD., shares exciting discoveries he's made about humpback whale and animal communication, why he looks for spiritual principles in science, how (as a scientist who believes in God) he views evolution, why it's important to appreciate the uniqueness of all God's creation, and much more.

Caryl Waller Krueger – Child Development Specialist, Author, Bible Researcher

Caryl Waller Krueger, Child Development Specialist, Author, Bible Researcher and Lecturer, has been able to write family life books, lecture, share healing insights on the Bible, overcome grief, and reach out to others in need.

Dave and Sue Oakes – Co-Directors of the Center for Ecological Living and Learning (CELL) and the Alternative Energy Institute (AEI)

Dave and Sue Oakes share how their love for mankind took them to Africa and impelled them to start CELL, providing abroads for college students to work in communities to implement environmentally sustainable solutions. They also discuss the importance and blessings of unselfishness, harmony, commonality, and spiritual conviction.

Rachel Crandell – Retired Teacher, President of Monteverde Conservation League U.S. (MCLUS)

Rachel Crandell, retired teacher, President of the Monteverde Conservation League U.S., and author puts the Golden Rule into practice by taking care of our environment, protecting a Costa Rican rain forest, and helping others