I Am Enough

By Marjorie Foerster Eddington

“I love who I am, and I am enough because God is enough and loves who I am. God made me all good.” Let’s say this throughout our day. Let’s believe this with conviction and certainty. And let’s see how it changes our lives. Why? Because ...

Society, led by drug, diet, and fashion industries wanting to make money, gives us lots of reasons not to feel good about ourselves. They tell us that we’re not pretty enough, not strong enough, don’t do well in crowds, have major anxiety, don’t make enough money, wear the wrong clothes, you name it. Well, it’s time to put a stop to that type of bullying.

For that’s what it is—emotional bullying. Telling us that we don’t measure up that we’re not good enough just the way we are, is just a load of hooey! And it will beat us down if we let it. So we can’t let it.

How do we stand up to bullies? We tell the truth. We say “No!” We find help. We set a good example. We go to the authorities. We do the right thing. We do whatever it takes to defeat the bully—just like David did with Goliath. (And there are some good articles about David and Goliath on this website.) So that’s what we have to do for ourselves. Stand up.

We have to stand up for the individual God created. And we find that individual in Genesis 1, where we are created in God’s “image” and “likeness” with “dominion” and power, and we are “very good” (Gen 1:26, 27, 31).

  • There’s nothing about lack or not being good enough. In fact, David handled this in his song: “The LORD is my shepherd; I have all that I need” (Ps 23:1 NLT).
  • There’s nothing about poor looks or anxiety in God’s good creation. In fact, God gave us dominion, strength, power.
  • There’s only good.

It’s all good because God is all good; indeed, “God is love” (I John 4:8). Therefore, as the image of God’s love, we’re all love, all good. And God is pretty clear in this decree: “I am the Lord, and there is none else” (Isa 45:5). Even Paul declares that there’s “no condemnation” for those who live with the Christ, or express the Christ spirit, for we are all “children of God” (Rom 8:1, 14).

So every time we hear a thought like—That was stupid of me. I’m horrible. I can’t do this. I’m scared. I could never be like her. I’m fat. I can’t believe I was so awkward. I am not good enough!—we can say, “No!” and counter the suggestions with positive declarations:

  • I am intelligent because God is intelligent.
  • I am wonderful.
  • I can do this because God shows me how.
  • God’s love makes me courageous.
  • I am like God and don’t want to be like anyone else.
  • I love my body.
  • I have grace and poise.
  • I am good enough.  

And that’s the truth.

So rather than accepting the bullying taunts of lack or insufficiency, we can appreciate our worth, our whole, God-beloved selves. Every day, we can start our morning, and continue throughout the day, making declarations of truth, affirming who we are according to God. Such affirmations carry the power of God with them and are effective. God loves us, and that is enough!