Identity — Safety

No Need to Fear the Storms of Life

Do you ever feel caught up in emotional storms? You can overcome them!

Stand Up to Bullying

How do we stand up to peer pressure and bullying?

We Can Trust Our Father

Have we been tempted to give up on God? God doesn't give up on us.

Taking Aim at Bullies - A Look at True Power

Goliath looks powerful, but David gets him with a single stone. Can you be like David?

A Safe Place

If we're ever in an unsafe situation, God can lift us out. And we can feel safe, especially when we listen.

When There's No Human Help, There's God!

When we are beyond the help of others, do we surrender to death? Of course we don't! Surrendering to the mortal world and the idea of death will never help us; however, surrendering to God is guaranteed to help.

Safe in Our Shepherd's Care

Most Sunday Schools and children's Bible stories stress the idea of God as our Shepherd, but what does that entail? As our Shepherd, God guides us, comforts us, and elevates us to our best. We are his sheep, and he has only our best interests in mind.

God's Ever-Present Protection

Although we could all do with a little more common sense, common sense won't protect us from all harm. There is a lot that humans can't control, which is why we should put our trust in the One being that can protect us: God.