Identity — Performance

Test Prep: Don't Forget About Prayer

If taking tests is nerve-wracking, there's an answer: pray

Life Lessons from Skiing

What do you do when you fall? How do you know when to lead or follow? Find this out and more - all from skiing.

Our Response to Failure

Failure has a negative connotation, but many influential figures, like Thomas Edison, saw failure as a learning experience. Messing up doesn't mean we should give up, it means we have been given another opportunity in which to learn and succeed.

God is the Performer

With God's power Jesus was able to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons, which means we should at least be able to use his power to cast out fear of performance. God supplies the message and we are able to flawlessly communicate it.

Performing Without Fear: Be Self-Less

One of the best ways to express God is by performing in front of others. Although it has the potential to petrify some of us, when we focus on the audience and what we are able to give, it becomes the perfect opportunity to demonstrate love.

Competition – Bringing Out the Best

Competition is not about winning or losing. It is an opportunity to honor God by striving for our best and to pace us against peers. Whatever the outcome, when competition is done properly, all parties involved gain from the experience.

God's Ever-Present Protection

Although we could all do with a little more common sense, common sense won't protect us from all harm. There is a lot that humans can't control, which is why we should put our trust in the One being that can protect us: God.

Stress is a Choice

It is easy to blame our stress on external factors – work, gas prices, projects. Yet, our stress is a product of our thought. We alone control our thoughts.