Identity — Purpose

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

What do you want to be when you grow up? Have you thought about being vs doing?

Are We Following the Star?

If you saw the star of Bethlehem, would you follow it? In the Bible, the wise men did, but no one else. The Christ is our Bethlehem star, and like the wise men, we should follow where it leads.

Employment – God's Provision

The only thing worse than being employed is being unemployed, and with the current economy, many people are facing unemployment. Luckily, we have a divine inheritance to fall back on. As we acknowledge God, and the worry fades away, his divine supply becomes apparent.

Love Keeps Us Awake to God's Will

When we spend time listening to God, we might stumble upon the realization that what God wants isn't what we want. In this case, human-will interferes with God's will. We should shed our own desires and serve God's will.

What's Your Purpose

When we seek to find a purpose in our lives, we are missing the most fundamental fact about being children of God: our purpose is to express love. No matter what we do in life, as long as we love, we are fulfilling our purpose.

Effective Leadership

The best leaders are simply the best followers. By following God we can all be competent and effective leaders.

Heart's Desire

Sit still and think about what you want. Not the cars, toys, gadgets, nor food, but the actual desires of your heart. If they are in line with God, chances are your desires are not far out of reach or they might already have been delivered.