Identity — Self-Worth

Stand Up to Bullying

How do we stand up to peer pressure and bullying?

Prayer Break

When was the last time you were alone, really alone with God? Try it...and see what happens.

I Am Enough

Can you say, "I love who I am, and I am enough!" You can stop emotional bullying and love yourself.

Taking Aim at Bullies - A Look at True Power

Goliath looks powerful, but David gets him with a single stone. Can you be like David?

Move Over, James Bond

Wish you were James Bond or even someone else? Comparisons don't ever help, especially impossible ones. Find out why being our best selves is the only answer.

Be Grateful for You

Why can you put yourself at the top of your Thanksgiving gratitude list? You're God's beloved child.

The Best Way to Fit In

How do you fit in at school? What if you don't try? Find out the possibilities.

Be A Rebel: Be You!

We often try to fit in with others and spend a considerable amount of time worrying about not being popular. Jesus and Paul were two people that were unequivocally not in the popular crowd. They didn't worry too much. Take their lead and be yourself.


Everyone wants a second chance, and all it takes is a change in thought. If we stopped worrying about the situation or the mistakes we've made and focus on God, we will feel the instantaneous change in our thought, which will be reflected in our lives.

Independence: Your Divine Right – Claim It!

Independence means more than just attaining sole possession of our body and thoughts. Independence is the ability to act to our full potential without being limited. Our faith in God grants us the greatest independence, because it eliminates all limitations.

What's Your Purpose

When we seek to find a purpose in our lives, we are missing the most fundamental fact about being children of God: our purpose is to express love. No matter what we do in life, as long as we love, we are fulfilling our purpose.

When We're Criticized

Choose carefully, through spiritual listening, which criticism you choose to acknowledge and which you choose to dismiss.

Criticism's Antidote

Gain insights into how to stop criticism. Learn what Jesus and the disciples had to say about criticism.

I Love Who I Am

Who are you? As humans, we were made in God's image. We reflect his love and can be nothing short of great. You are God's child.

Eliminating Labels – Taking Off the Masks

On a daily basis we put labels on everything, which can be helpful to organize objects. However, when we apply labels to people, we not only limit those people, but we also put limitations on God.

Choose Freedom

Gaining a sense of freedom and independence can be a tough battle. Fortunately, the battle is a whole lot simpler when you realize that freedom is not a physical condition, but a mental state. Moreover, God is always willing to help you get there.

Picture This – Beauty

Everyone is beautiful. Beauty is a reflection of a healthy self-image that puts love for God first.

Body and Weight

We often think counting calories, worrying about our weight, and slaving away at the gym will help us find satisfaction in our appearances, only to be disappointed. Read on to learn why you should focus less on your weight and more on God.