Identity — Decisions

How to Weather Life's Storms

How do you handle the storms that come up in life? Because storms do happen...

How Do We Find the Right Path?

How do we know we're making the best decisions? It's not always easy.

Ask God Again

Do you expect your prayers to be answered? Don't give up. Ask, seek, knock, and find!

What Are You Looking At?

Images are constantly shouting at us. How do we process them?

Not Fair

"That's not fair!" Maybe not. But God meets all our needs. Is that enough?

Leave the Old for the New

Leaving behind an old job or school for a new one involves a lot of uncertainty. This uncertainty can paralyze us in fear, if we focus on what we don't know. Focus on what we do know, like God's love. With God leading us, we can't be steered wrong.

The Next Step

Our lack of knowledge about God can be frustrating. Paul felt those same frustrations, but he felt there were still actions we could take to progress with God, despite our shallow understanding. We should all follow Paul and take the next step with God.

Love Keeps Us Awake to God's Will

When we spend time listening to God, we might stumble upon the realization that what God wants isn't what we want. In this case, human-will interferes with God's will. We should shed our own desires and serve God's will.

It's God's Decision

Humans make millions of decisions a day. We are decision-making machines; so if you have a big decision to make, don't panic. Take a deep breath, put the decision in perspective, and trust that God won't let you make a mistake.

God's Mansions – Our Right Place

Are you in your right place? The answer is yes. There is never a wrong place. God is everywhere, which means all we have to do is choose to see him.