Election Concerns

By Eifel Kreutz, age 13


How can we think or pray about the upcoming elections both before and after, especially if we're concerned about the outcome?


Since the US presidential election is in early November, there's a lot of public debate over politics. Most people have taken a side and support a particular candidate. It is good to be supportive of our beliefs, but at times people can become overly supportive or overly critical, judging others without much reason. One political party can think poorly of the other, and vice versa. In this election year, the controversy centers around who will best lead this country, who will best improve our economy, and who will make the best of the Iraq war.

However, we need not worry overmuch about this. Why? Because God is the real ruler of our country! No matter who is elected president, we can trust that our country can lose no sense of direction because God is always in control. Therefore, there can never be a lack of order or good leadership. No matter who is elected to office, we can know that God is the One true Leader.

One example from the Bible of God's control is King David. While David did lots of good things, he did not always do the right thing. He became an overly prideful man. He wanted gain for himself and did not want anyone to stand in his way. He had Uriah the Hittite killed to cover up his affair with Bath-sheba and in so doing, he did not act responsibly (II Sam 11:15). He believed everyone else to be inferior to him.

But God was able to make David hear Him and recognize his mistakes. God gave David wisdom and helped him know what to do for his people. God saved David many times and helped him to make peace for all of Israel. One time after David was helped by God, he prayed to Him thus.

God is bedrock under my feet,
      the castle in which I live,
      my rescuing knight.
My God—the high crag
      where I run for dear life,
      hiding behind the boulders,
      safe in the granite hideout;
My mountaintop refuge,
      he saves me from ruthless men. (The Message, 2 Sam 2:2-3)

People do make mistakes. But God doesn't. It's reassuring to know that we do not have to rely solely on humans for our government and guidance. Though we can have views and support candidates, we do not need to be over zealous. We don't have to look down upon others for their political standings. Rather, we can rely on God to lead us and to lead our president. If we believe that a certain candidate will not help certain issues, we don't need to get frustrated. We do need to turn to God and know that all those who are elected (president and congressmen and women) can hear God's leading voice. God is able to and will guide them. We can rely on God to resolve troubles in Iraq. God can help the environment. God can help our economy. Too long have we relied on humans to help the world. It is time for change. It's time to look to God.

Too long have we relied on humans to help the world. It is time for change. It's time to look to God.