Q&A — Change

Election Results

How do you deal with election results?

Overcoming Frustration

How do you overcome frustration?

Feeling at Home

I've been away at school, and now school seems more like home than home. I'm having a hard time adjusting to being home again. Any thoughts?

New School Fears

Sometimes it seems scary to go to a new school. How do you deal with the fears?

Feeling Overwhelmed

When schedules get busy and busier, how do we keep focused and not get overwhelmed?

Election Concerns

How can we think or pray about the upcoming elections both before and after, especially if we're concerned about the outcome?

God's Comfort Through Change

How do I deal with not wanting to move to a new place and go to a new school?

Making Right Decisions

How do you make the right decisions, especially when you think you really want something but are not sure if that's what you really need?

Want vs. Need

How do we know if what we want is really what we need?