Q&A — Relationships

Prom Season

It's prom season, and I haven't been asked to the dance. I'm feeling down. What can I do, and how do I pray?

Responding to Differences

How do we respond to people who are either different or doing things we don't agree with?

Family Tension on Trips

Whenever my family takes a trip together, we always seem to argue. How can I help stop that?

Avoiding Arguments

How do we avoid getting into arguments with family members?

New School, New Friends

I'm new at school, and right now I could probably hang out with any group. I like being with all different kinds of kids. But I feel like that if I don't hang out with the popular kids, I won't meet any pretty girls. What should I do?

Talking to God

Why should I talk to God when it feels like God isn't helping me?

Overcoming Frustration

How do you overcome frustration?

Missing a Parent

My dad's gone a lot, traveling for work, and I know he has to go, but I miss him. Any thoughts to help?

Isaac's Blessing

Why doesn't Isaac just take back the blessing once he realizes that he's blessed the wrong son — that is, Jacob rather than Esau?

Sarai's and the Surrogate Mother

Since it was socially acceptable for Sarai (Sarah) to use her slave girl as a surrogate mother, why did it cause such a mess? Are there any lessons for us today?

Why Sarai Chose Hagar

What's behind the whole business of Sarai (Sarah) telling her husband Abram (Abraham) to have a child with her maidservant?

Abigail the Diplomat

How did Abigail keep David from killing her husband, Nabal?

Peer Pressure

What if you give in to peer pressure? How do you get back on track?

The Importance Honesty

How important is it to be honest?

Dealing with Betrayal

How do you deal with betrayal?

Impressing Others

How can we resist the temptation to impress others — to show off or act in a way that's unlike ourselves?

Living Unselfishly

How do you live unselfishly and care for others without losing yourself?

Sibling Jealousy

What can help me deal with feeling jealous of a sibling?

Maintaining Individuality

How do you maintain individuality without being afraid of being judged or unpopular for not conforming?

Helping Siblings

How can we help a younger sibling (or any child) do the right thing and talk to her in a way she'll understand?


How do we forgive people who have hurt us?

Dealing with Enemies

How do you deal with enemies?

Peer Pressure

How do you stand up for something that's right when your peers are pressuring you to do the wrong thing?

Being Yourself

Why should I be myself when I want to be someone different?

Teenage Peer Pressure

How do pre-teens and teenagers deal with peer pressure?

Why Lying is Wrong

Why is it wrong to lie or to deceive?

Handling Self-Doubt

How do you get rid of self-doubt when you don't feel good enough for your friends?

Withholding Judgment

It's so hard not to judge others based on appearances. How can we stop it?

Forever Forgiving

I am having problems forgiving a person who, after I forgive him, turns around and does something else bad. I feel that I am being taken for granted. Am I forgiving too easily or too much? Is there a limit?

Stopping Jealousy

I don't like it when I feel jealous of others or others feel jealous of me. How do you stop jealousy?

Deciding to Trust

By nature, I am a trusting person, but I don't want to be taken advantage of. So how do you know who to trust?

Tough Forgiveness

How or why do you forgive someone who doesn't seem to deserve forgiveness?

Always Kind

How or why should you be kind to someone you really don't like?

Defusing Anger

How do you deal with anger? Should you forgive and forget?

Dealing with Criticism

How do you deal with criticism?

Helping a Friend

When a friend comes to you with a problem, how can you help him or her when you aren't sure what to say?

Dealing with Bullies

It seems like we deal a lot with bullies in school. If you bully others, why should you stop? And if you're being bullied, how do you deal with it?


What does the Bible say about forgiveness? Is it important to forgive?

Handling Abuse

I'm tired of dealing with putdowns from my boyfriend. When he gets angry, he hits me and shoves me into the wall or into a car. How should I handle this abuse?

Interracial Relationships

Is there anything in the Bible about interracial relations or anything of the sort? I am going through a huge crisis because my parents think that it is against God's word that I would have an intimate relationship with a black male.

Handling Personality

I was wondering how to deal with people who speak in a harsh or unkind way unjustly, especially in the work field.