Q&A — School

Prom Season

It's prom season, and I haven't been asked to the dance. I'm feeling down. What can I do, and how do I pray?


How do you stop procrastinating?

How to Make Friends

Do you have any ideas on how to make new friends without stressing out about it?

How to Study

How do I focus on studying when there's so much going on at school?

New School, New Friends

I'm new at school, and right now I could probably hang out with any group. I like being with all different kinds of kids. But I feel like that if I don't hang out with the popular kids, I won't meet any pretty girls. What should I do?

Feeling at Home

I've been away at school, and now school seems more like home than home. I'm having a hard time adjusting to being home again. Any thoughts?

Surviving Freshman Year

The college environment presents lots of social challenges. What ideas can help me find my way and survive freshman year?

New School Fears

Sometimes it seems scary to go to a new school. How do you deal with the fears?

Handling Stress

How do you deal with stressful situations when you don't feel good enough to overcome them?

Above Bullying

I don't like it when people pick on others, degrade them, or are out to get others — but it happens so often. Can one person really make a difference and change the situation?

Finding a Balance

How do you balance sports and academics?

Armor From Judgment

I am in high school, and I struggle everyday with the feeling that people are judging me. It has really started to affect me. I have some days when I can't go without crying multiple times. I had an incident when someone wrote a hurtful letter judging me and the way I dress. I always try to tell myself not to react, but I can't help it. What insight can you give me?

God's Comfort Through Change

How do I deal with not wanting to move to a new place and go to a new school?

Hearing God's Voice

When suggestions or thoughts come to you take your life, what can you do?

True to Yourself

Why is it so important to be yourself, even when people don't (or won't) appreciate you for being different?

Finding Inspiration

How can I find ideas when I have no inspiration to write a paper?

Dealing with Bullies

It seems like we deal a lot with bullies in school. If you bully others, why should you stop? And if you're being bullied, how do you deal with it?

Making Right Decisions

How do you make the right decisions, especially when you think you really want something but are not sure if that's what you really need?

Finding Happiness

How can we be happy when there are so many problems in high school?

Respecting Your Teacher

What do you do and how do you work when a teacher doesn't like you?

College Rejection

I didn't get accepted into the college of my choice, and now I'm really bummed. How do I deal with rejection?

A Better Student

How can you become a better student?

Finding Motivation

How do you motivate yourself to do things you don't really want to do but you should do?