Q&A — Moral Courage

Responding to Differences

How do we respond to people who are either different or doing things we don't agree with?

Dealing with Emotions

How can we deal with intense emotions?

The Importance Honesty

How important is it to be honest?

Poor Decisions

We're often tempted to blame others. How do you recover from a poor decision?

Impressing Others

How can we resist the temptation to impress others — to show off or act in a way that's unlike ourselves?

Sibling Jealousy

What can help me deal with feeling jealous of a sibling?

Maintaining Individuality

How do you maintain individuality without being afraid of being judged or unpopular for not conforming?

Surviving Freshman Year

The college environment presents lots of social challenges. What ideas can help me find my way and survive freshman year?

Pressure to do Drugs

How do you deal with pressure to do drugs?

Peer Pressure

How do you stand up for something that's right when your peers are pressuring you to do the wrong thing?

Why Lying is Wrong

Why is it wrong to lie or to deceive?


Is swearing really that big of a deal?

Keeping Individuality

How can you keep your individuality and still fit in and have friends when people judge you on appearances?

Above Bullying

I don't like it when people pick on others, degrade them, or are out to get others — but it happens so often. Can one person really make a difference and change the situation?

Complete Without Drugs

Even though steroids are illegal for athletic competition, so many athletes use them. What's so wrong with using them to build up your strength?

Resist Temptation

How do you handle (or why should we even try to resist) the temptations to have sex, drink, steal, etc?

Importance of Confidence

Why do people say that confidence is so important for teenagers?

Saying No

Peer pressure comes up in most of our lives, so how do you say, "No"?

Finding Motivation

How do you motivate yourself to do things you don't really want to do but you should do?