Q&A — Family

Family Tension on Trips

Whenever my family takes a trip together, we always seem to argue. How can I help stop that?

Avoiding Arguments

How do we avoid getting into arguments with family members?

Missing a Parent

My dad's gone a lot, traveling for work, and I know he has to go, but I miss him. Any thoughts to help?

Why Jacob Took the Blessing

Why was it such a big deal for Jacob to take the blessing? Hadn't Esau already sold his birthright?

Isaac's Blessing

Why doesn't Isaac just take back the blessing once he realizes that he's blessed the wrong son — that is, Jacob rather than Esau?

Sibling Jealousy

What can help me deal with feeling jealous of a sibling?

Helping Siblings

How can we help a younger sibling (or any child) do the right thing and talk to her in a way she'll understand?


What can I do if I don't feel I measure up to my parents' expectations?

Pulling Your Weight

I'm the one that always does the work, while my younger sibling goofs off. But my parents don't seem to notice, and I'm tired of my brother getting away with everything and my parents not noticing what I'm doing for the family. I feel jealous of my brother. What can I do?

Tough Forgiveness

How or why do you forgive someone who doesn't seem to deserve forgiveness?

Let Your Light Shine

What do you do when your siblings are not as into God as you are? When you just get saved at church camp, how do you go home and deal with your friends at school, because I have friends who are "Christians," but they aren't as fired up with Christ as I am?

Loving Your Parents

What do you do when you feel that your parents don't know what's best for you in the long run?

Interracial Relationships

Is there anything in the Bible about interracial relations or anything of the sort? I am going through a huge crisis because my parents think that it is against God's word that I would have an intimate relationship with a black male.