Q&A — Fear

How Do I Trust God?

How do I trust God or have faith? I don't want to be disappointed if things don't work out.

Confidence When Performing

What can I do to gain more confidence, especially for performances?

Prayer While Sailing the World

Mike Ritter, sailed around the world. Did he run into weather challenges? Does he have any insights to share from being out on the water so long?

Overcoming Obstacles

How do you overcome obstacles or setbacks?

Boston Marathon Bombing

How do we live without fear when there's so much violence and terrorism, like the Boston Marathon bombing?

Addressing Fear

What happens when fear takes hold of a group?

Handling the Bad

How do we handle the bad stuff that happens to us?

Dealing with Nerves

How do you deal with nerves when you perform?

Peer Pressure

What if you give in to peer pressure? How do you get back on track?

Sport Anxiety

How do you deal with fear or anxiety when you're playing a sport?

Maintaining Individuality

How do you maintain individuality without being afraid of being judged or unpopular for not conforming?

Keeping the Faith

How do you persevere, keep the faith, and not give up in the wake of natural disasters, especially when recovery takes so long?

New School Fears

Sometimes it seems scary to go to a new school. How do you deal with the fears?

Dealing with Enemies

How do you deal with enemies?

Peer Pressure

How do you stand up for something that's right when your peers are pressuring you to do the wrong thing?

Handling Self-Doubt

How do you get rid of self-doubt when you don't feel good enough for your friends?

Handling Stress

How do you deal with stressful situations when you don't feel good enough to overcome them?


What can I do if I don't feel I measure up to my parents' expectations?

Finding Self-Confidence

How do you find the right amount of self-confidence?

Armor From Judgment

I am in high school, and I struggle everyday with the feeling that people are judging me. It has really started to affect me. I have some days when I can't go without crying multiple times. I had an incident when someone wrote a hurtful letter judging me and the way I dress. I always try to tell myself not to react, but I can't help it. What insight can you give me?

Fitting In

How do we handle discouragement over not fitting in?

God Before Weight

It seems so many people are either overweight or underweight. Is there a right way to think about food so that it doesn't control us?

Hearing God's Voice

When suggestions or thoughts come to you take your life, what can you do?

Importance of Confidence

Why do people say that confidence is so important for teenagers?

Breaking Stereotypes

How do you break stereotypes and make new friends when others make fun of you for reaching beyond the "accepted" circle?

Handling Abuse

I'm tired of dealing with putdowns from my boyfriend. When he gets angry, he hits me and shoves me into the wall or into a car. How should I handle this abuse?

Beyond Stereotypes

How do you break stereotypes and make new friends when others make fun of you for reaching beyond the "accepted" circle?

Handling Personality

I was wondering how to deal with people who speak in a harsh or unkind way unjustly, especially in the work field.