Overcoming Obstacles

By Mike Ritter


How do you overcome obstacles or setbacks?


Obstacles or setbacks are opportunities for us to see God working in our lives. Adversities persist until they bless us. They tend to impel consecrated thought, prayer, meditation—call it what you want—to help us get to the truth that God is ever-present and that good is always going on.

The blessings come when our understanding is deepened enough to know that we really are God's "image and likeness" (Gen 1:26). To be God's idea of Himself is such a huge thought! To dwell with that thought is the way to resolve human issues. The biggest blessing actually comes from our higher level of spiritual consciousness of who we really are rather than the fixing of the problem, be it physical or economic. Healing occurs as a result of this spiritual growth.

There was a time when I desperately needed employment. So I spent my time learning more about God and my relationship with God. I was growing spiritually. So when a call came offering me an unbelievable job, I was spiritually prepared not only to take the job, but also to give a lot to the company. I was truly blessed.