Q&A — Identity

Finding Satisfaction

I've recently begun to realize how much more I have compared to peers in less developed countries. With that said, I always want more. Why is this?

Impressing Others

How can we resist the temptation to impress others — to show off or act in a way that's unlike ourselves?

Being Yourself

Why should I be myself when I want to be someone different?

Why Lying is Wrong

Why is it wrong to lie or to deceive?

Handling Self-Doubt

How do you get rid of self-doubt when you don't feel good enough for your friends?

What to Wear

Does what I choose to wear really matter? What message do clothes send?

Dealing with Gossip

Why does everyone gossip, and how can we deal with it?

Being Unselfish

Why is it so important to lead an unselfish life? What are the benefits?

True Self-Image

How do you have a good self-image in the face of so many deceptive images of beauty and worth promoted by the media?

Finding Self-Confidence

How do you find the right amount of self-confidence?

Keeping Individuality

How can you keep your individuality and still fit in and have friends when people judge you on appearances?

Fitting In

How do we handle discouragement over not fitting in?

God Before Weight

It seems so many people are either overweight or underweight. Is there a right way to think about food so that it doesn't control us?

True to Yourself

Why is it so important to be yourself, even when people don't (or won't) appreciate you for being different?

Importance of Confidence

Why do people say that confidence is so important for teenagers?

Exercising Dominion

The Bible says that God created mankind to "have dominion…over every living thing." What exactly does that mean in relation to how we treat our earth?

Be Happy Again

Am I ever going to feel happy again? I feel like all I do is paste a fake smile on in the morning, let it all out at night, and then start all over.

God-Given Beauty

We want to appear nice — look good, dress appropriately, have a good image. But how do you not get caught up in appearances and expectations and still not seem out-of-date, behind the times, or out-of-place?

Your True Identity

How can I feel good about myself when I don't like the way I look?