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Be Grateful, It's Healthy

Many recent studies prove the power of gratitude. Not only does gratitude help our outlook on life, but it actually improves our health.

Having Trouble Sleeping

You have a right to a good night's sleep. It comes straight from God, who watches over you while you rest!

The Promise of Resurrection

The pain we face is temporary. The promise of our Resurrection is eternal. Live life without fear of pain or death.

Abundant Energy

We are like solar panels, except rather than absorbing sunrays; we absorb God's blessings. With such an abundant supply of energy, we have an everlasting opportunity to share those blessings with others.

Endurance: Bending Not Breaking

God made us with endurance in Mind. With qualities like patience, happiness, gratitude, trust in God, and Love, we are able to endure any hardship.

God's Ever-Present Protection

Although we could all do with a little more common sense, common sense won't protect us from all harm. There is a lot that humans can't control, which is why we should put our trust in the One being that can protect us: God.

Hopeless? Never!

Nothing is hopeless. Today, we consistently limit ourselves by identifying things as impossible or hopeless. Yet, through the Bible we see that the feats most identify as hopeless are accomplished through faith in God. When we love God, nothing is hopeless.

Joy Defeats Depression

Depression tells us that our joy can be taken away. This is not true. God provides our joy, which is eternal and ever-present.

Overwhelmed? Yes, by the Power of God

When tasks build up, do you become overwhelmed? You don't have to. When we realize that God provides us with all we need to complete our work, our panic fades away.

Stress is a Choice

It is easy to blame our stress on external factors – work, gas prices, projects. Yet, our stress is a product of our thought. We alone control our thoughts.

Body and Weight

We often think counting calories, worrying about our weight, and slaving away at the gym will help us find satisfaction in our appearances, only to be disappointed. Read on to learn why you should focus less on your weight and more on God.