Articles – Peer Pressure

The Best Way to Fit In

Social media adds pressure for teens to fit in. Here are ways to help them fit in the right way. It applies to work, too.

Free To Be

We all strive to achieve something. However, that could be our first mistake. We don't need to achieve things to feel accomplished. Spending time with friends and love ones, and other activities that involve a less worldly outcome, should also provide us with a feeling of accomplishment.

Study to Know and Feel God's Approval

Many of our actions are aimed at pleasing others. The views of others shift and change, and their criteria by which they judge us also change. God's criteria are constant and ever loving. Not to mention, gaining his approval is far more important.

Peer Pressure Resisted

Ultimately, being tempted by peer pressure is an admission of our insecurities. We think that we might not be cool enough unless we do what the others are doing. Yet, if we are good enough for God, we are certainly good enough or our peers.

Temptation Overcome: The Story Rewritten

Just as it was not in Adam or Eve's nature to eat of the forbidden fruit before being beguiled by the talking serpent, it is not in our nature to give into temptation. We have both the conviction and the faith to stand strong against temptation.

Heal Gossip's Lies

We have the power to build a person up or lower their confidence through the spoken word. When we talk about others we should ensure that what we say is positive, genuine, and constructive, lest we take part in gossip and rumors.

Persecution's Reward

When it comes to dealing with persecution, modern day Christians have some spectacular examples to live up to. Our spiritual forefathers treated persecution as an opportunity to demonstrate God's grace, and with practice we can learn to do the same.

The Gift of Purity – You're Worth It!

There can be a tremendous amount of social pressure on teens to lose their virginity; it's a pretty hot topic in high school. What most teens don't talk about, though, are the benefits of abstinence, which often far outweigh the benefits of having sex.

Love Heals Prejudice

Bullies can often be a tough challenge during our school years. Instead of ignoring them, which often doesn't work, or standing up to them, which can lead to physical confrontation, why not try loving them?