Articles – Staying Positive

Live Worry-Free

How can we get rid of anxiety and stress when there's so much to worry about?

Our Daily Bread Moment by Moment

Can we trust God to meet all our needs and so fully experience the present moment?

Key to Happiness and Harmony - The Sermon on the Mount

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount gives the key to lasting happiness, harmony that no storm can shake.

A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart

In our search for happiness, gratitude is the best place to start. Things can't give us happiness. God gives us enough.

The Promise of Resurrection

The pain we face is temporary. The promise of our Resurrection is eternal. Live life without fear of pain or death.

Live Without Complaining

Most of us complain fairly often, about nearly everything. It seems natural and can feel good to let off steam. However, complaining is negative and detrimental. The act of complaining wastes time that could be spent gratifying our opportunities or working on solutions.

Our Response to Failure

Failure has a negative connotation, but many influential figures, like Thomas Edison, saw failure as a learning experience. Messing up doesn't mean we should give up, it means we have been given another opportunity in which to learn and succeed.

Competition – Bringing Out the Best

Competition is not about winning or losing. It is an opportunity to honor God by striving for our best and to pace us against peers. Whatever the outcome, when competition is done properly, all parties involved gain from the experience.

Hopeless? Never!

Nothing is hopeless. Today, we consistently limit ourselves by identifying things as impossible or hopeless. Yet, through the Bible we see that the feats most identify as hopeless are accomplished through faith in God. When we love God, nothing is hopeless.

Eliminating Labels – Taking Off the Masks

On a daily basis we put labels on everything, which can be helpful to organize objects. However, when we apply labels to people, we not only limit those people, but we also put limitations on God.