Articles – Relationships

Dust Specks and Logs

Criticism and condemnation hurt. How do we get rid of such attitudinal logs?

Quiet Giving

How can we give something of substance to those in need-practically, quietly, powerfully?

Salt and Light

Jesus expected us to be "the salt of the earth - the light of the world." Could we transform family dynamics, save failing marriages, overhaul careers?

The Screen Challenge

Putting away our phones and other electronic devices will actually transform the lives of our families and future generations.

Be An Angel: Show Others Their Greatness

Will you be an angel and show others their goodness? Then accept your own innocence, too.

Christmas is Love in Action

Let's welcome the Christ into our lives and discover the unifying power of Love in action.

Go and Do Likewise

What type of world do we want for our children? Are we following Jesus' command, "Go and do likewise?"

Drop the Agenda

What would happen if we dropped our agenda and right there, in the moment of intensity, we loved?

How Can I Help You? vs. How Dare You!

When people do something wrong, we have a choice - to help or condemn. "How Can I Help You? vs. How Dare You!" shows how Jesus transformed lives through love rather than judgment - and how we can, too.

The Power of Flexibility

When a strong wind blows, the trees that remain standing are the ones that bend. We also have to learn to be flexible when it comes to our plans. It is important we bend to meet other people in compromise.

True Brotherhood

Jesus had an immediate bond with the people he met; they became a part of his brotherhood. We can also form brotherhoods with the people we meet by thinking of others as children of God, loving them like siblings, and respecting them.

Siblings – Friends, Not Rivals

The Bible is full of stories of sibling rivalry, like Jacob and Esau. Through these stories we learn that man is an image of love and that sibling rivalry detracts from our expression of love. By loving our siblings, we might even find some blessings we had overlooked.

Love – The Communication Process

Our communication with God should be a model for our daily communication with our peers. We have to say what is on our mind, but we also have to listen. By listening to others, we identify how to best respond and how to best send our message.

Who's In the Center of Your Family

Interacting with family isn't always the easiest. Fortunately, there are a few easy, God-centered steps that we can take to improve those interactions.

True Friendship

Friends help define and shape who we are and who we become. Yet, finding the people we want around us can be a challenge. Instead of searching for better friends, try being a better friend.

Our #1 Relationship

The relationships with our friends, parents, siblings, and significant others can overshadow our relationship with God. However, as Abraham demonstrated throughout his life, when we set ourselves right with God, and prioritize him in our lives, our other relationships fall into place.