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Watch Out For Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

How do we know what's true and not get tricked by scams or lies?

Safe in Humility

How do we stay safe? The Nativity story reveals the ultimate safety plan.

Our Plan or God's Plan?

How do we respond when plans don't go as planned? How can we be sure we won't miss valuable opportunities, even healings?

A Ski Lesson: Lead from the Heart

How do you help someone who is struggling? I learned lessons helping my daughter ski.

There's Always a Way Out

If we feel trapped, scared by emotions or situations, we can trust God's loving hand to rescue us.

God Revealed As Seen Through Abraham's Eyes and Ours

Each time God talked with Abraham, the patriarch gained a greater understanding of God. We, too, can see God, El Shaddai, as sufficient to meet all our needs.

Leave the Old For the New

Leaving behind an old job or school for a new one involves a lot of uncertainty. This uncertainty can paralyze us in fear, if we focus on what we don't know. Focus on what we do know, like God's love. With God leading us, we can't be steered wrong.

Are We Following the Star?

If you saw the star of Bethlehem, would you follow it? In the Bible, the wise men did, but no one else. The Christ is our Bethlehem star, and like the wise men, we should follow where it leads.

The Promise of Resurrection

The pain we face is temporary. The promise of our Resurrection is eternal. Live life without fear of pain or death.

The Power of Flexibility

When a strong wind blows, the trees that remain standing are the ones that bend. We also have to learn to be flexible when it comes to our plans. It is important we bend to meet other people in compromise.

The Next Step

Our lack of knowledge about God can be frustrating. Paul felt those same frustrations, but he felt there were still actions we could take to progress with God, despite our shallow understanding. We should all follow Paul and take the next step with God.

When There's No Human Help, There's God!

When we are beyond the help of others, do we surrender to death? Of course we don't! Surrendering to the mortal world and the idea of death will never help us; however, surrendering to God is guaranteed to help

There Are Open Doors!

There is no such thing as a dead end. Even when we feel that all our opportunities have been wasted or there is nowhere else to turn, God opens a door for us.

Love Keeps Us Awake to God's Will

When we spend time listening to God, we might stumble upon the realization that what God wants isn't what we want. In this case, human-will interferes with God's will. We should shed our own desires and serve God's will.

God's Government

With over three hundred million people in the United States, it is often a challenge for our government to make decisions that satisfy all of us. God's government, however, has a 100% satisfaction rate for those that listen. Not to mention, whatever the politics, God has the final veto.

Safe in Our Shepherd's Care

Most Sunday Schools and children's Bible stories stress the idea of God as our Shepherd, but what does that entail? As our Shepherd, God guides us, comforts us, and elevates us to our best. We are his sheep, and he has only our best interests in mind.

God's Ever-Present Protection

Although we could all do with a little more common sense, common sense won't protect us from all harm. There is a lot that humans can't control, which is why we should put our trust in the One being that can protect us: God.

What's Your Purpose?

When we seek to find a purpose in our lives, we are missing the most fundamental fact about being children of God: our purpose is to express love. No matter what we do in life, as long as we love, we are fulfilling our purpose.

It's God's Decision

Humans make millions of decisions a day. We are decision-making machines; so if you have a big decision to make, don't panic. Take a deep breath, put the decision in perspective, and trust that God wont let you make a mistake.

Effective Leadership

The best leaders are simply the best followers. By following God we can all be competent and effective leaders.

God's Mansions – Our Right Place

Are you in your right place? The answer is yes. There is never a wrong place. God is everywhere, which means all we have to do is choose to see him.