Articles – Personal Growth and Progress

Build on the Rock

How do we weather the storms that rage in life?

Watch Out For Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

How do we know what's true and not get tricked by scams or lies?

Re-Defining Fasting

Troubled by weight issues? Tired of dieting? Let's fast in a different way - and gain dominion.

"The Good That I Would" ... I Can Do!

What keeps us from doing what we know is right? And how can we do what's good?

Defeating Our Goliaths

We can defeat Goliath-like problems-life-threatening disease, financial crisis-as David did.

Slow Down, Be Present, Find Balance

It's easy to rush through our days. Slowing down and being present can help us enjoy a balanced life.

There's Always a Way Out

If we feel trapped, scared by emotions or situations, we can trust God's loving hand to rescue us.

A Life Lesson from Noah: Patience

Technology has sped up our lives. If emails don't pop up instantly, something is wrong! Patience is waning. And then there's Noah.

Be Grateful for You

You are God's beloved child. This Thanksgiving, be grateful for the wonderful you God made. Learn to love yourself as God loves you.

Key to Happiness and Harmony - The Sermon on the Mount

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount gives the key to lasting happiness, harmony that no storm can shake.

Be Grateful, It's Healthy

Many recent studies prove the power of gratitude. Not only does gratitude help our outlook on life, but it actually improves our health.

Motives for Success

Motives make all the difference, so how can we be sure our motives will help us succeed? Are we in it for ourselves or others, to make an impression or to glorify God?

A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart

In our search for happiness, gratitude is the best place to start. Things can't give us happiness. God gives us enough.

God Revealed As Seen Through Abraham's Eyes and Ours

Each time God talked with Abraham, the patriarch gained a greater understanding of God. We, too, can see God, El Shaddai, as sufficient to meet all our needs.

Leave the Old For the New

Leaving behind an old job or school for a new one involves a lot of uncertainty. This uncertainty can paralyze us in fear, if we focus on what we don't know. Focus on what we do know, like God's love. With God leading us, we can't be steered wrong.

Are We Following the Star?

If you saw the star of Bethlehem, would you follow it? In the Bible, the wise men did, but no one else. The Christ is our Bethlehem star, and like the wise men, we should follow where it leads.

Praise Lifts!

The best way to lift us up is by lifting our thinking to God and praising his glory. Joseph's life proves that praising God can lift us from even the most despicable situations.

A Golden Rule Life

The Golden Rule empowers those that apply it. Rather than taking a passive stance to life, the Golden Rule requires us to act. If we wish to be treated with Love, we must love others.

Rebuilding Lives

If a bridge collapses, it is not rebuilt to the exact specifications. We should treat each disaster as an opportunity to rebuild something stronger and better.

Become Like Little Children

In our efforts to grow up, we sometimes forget what is so precious about childhood. Jesus never did. Jesus valued the purity, openness, honesty, and unconditional love children express, as should we.

The Power of Flexibility

When a strong wind blows, the trees that remain standing are the ones that bend. We also have to learn to be flexible when it comes to our plans. It is important we bend to meet other people in compromise.

Thanksgiving – A Healing Time

Thanksgiving should be a time when we all acknowledge the good in our lives. God provides us with all we need and more, and when we acknowledge those blessing they multiply even further.

The Next Step

Our lack of knowledge about God can be frustrating. Paul felt those same frustrations, but he felt there were still actions we could take to progress with God, despite our shallow understanding. We should all follow Paul and take the next step with God.

True Charity is Love

Charity is often associated with the foundational set of Christian ethics. Yet, most people, even some Christians, don't realize that charity isn't just money. Be generous with your kindness, love, and compassion to spread true charity.

Welcome Change

We cannot change others, but we can inspire them. Inspiring others starts with changing ourselves and can have a profound effect on those around us.

The Light of Newness

Most of us feel like we need a fresh start, but how do we achieve it? Instead of switching schools or moving states, all we really need to do is change our perspective. Look at the future success rather than the past mistakes.

Spiritual Investment

Sound financial advice is almost as rare as sound moral advice. However, if Jesus were alive today and worked on Wall Street, he would advise you to invest in Love, the best commodity.

Body and Weight

We often think counting calories, worrying about our weight, and slaving away at the gym will help us find satisfaction in our appearances, only to be disappointed. Read on to learn why you should focus less on your weight and more on God.