Articles – God's Provision

Build on the Rock

How do we weather the storms that rage in life?

Our Daily Bread Moment by Moment

Can we trust God to meet all our needs and so fully experience the present moment?

Disaster Preparedness

Is your family prepared to evacuate in case disaster hits? Here's how to prepare a grab bag that includes spiritual necessities, too.

Easter Redemption

What God gives you is yours and cannot be taken away. God redeems us as certainly as Jesus resurrected.

God Revealed As Seen Through Abraham's Eyes and Ours

Each time God talked with Abraham, the patriarch gained a greater understanding of God. We, too, can see God, El Shaddai, as sufficient to meet all our needs.

Food, Food, Food

Food is delicious. With that said, we spend so much time discussing how to grill the best steak, sauté the best chicken, or boil the best hot dog we lose sight of God. Ultimately, God is our sustenance, and no condiments are needed.

Abundant Blessings

If we become focused on receiving blessings from God, perhaps the change that needs to occur isn't with the blessings we receive but with out focus. When we focus on others and on God, we see more of the blessings around us, an even bigger blessing than we had hoped.

Employment – God's Provision

The only thing worse than being employed is being unemployed, and with the current economy, many people are facing unemployment. Luckily, we have a divine inheritance to fall back on. As we acknowledge God, and the worry fades away, his divine supply becomes apparent.

Abundant Energy

We are like solar panels, except rather than absorbing sunrays; we absorb God's blessings. With such an abundant supply of energy, we have an everlasting opportunity to share those blessings with others.

When There's No Human Help, There's God!

When we are beyond the help of others, do we surrender to death? Of course we don't! Surrendering to the mortal world and the idea of death will never help us; however, surrendering to God is guaranteed to help

Heart's Desire

Sit still and think about what you want. Not the cars, toys, gadgets, nor food, but the actual desires of your heart. If they are in line with God, chances are your desires are not far out of reach or they might already have been delivered.

Infinite Supply

God provides everything we need, which doesn't necessarily include an iPhone. Once we understand that all our necessities will be provided, our minds will be free from worry and able to focus on other things – like how to afford an iPhone.