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The Sermon on the Mount at Christmas

How do we keep the Christ with us? Follow the Sermon on the Mount.

Live Worry-Free

How can we get rid of anxiety and stress when there's so much to worry about?

Safe in Humility

How do we stay safe? The Nativity story reveals the ultimate safety plan.

Our Daily Bread Moment by Moment

Can we trust God to meet all our needs and so fully experience the present moment?

Quiet Giving

How can we give something of substance to those in need-practically, quietly, powerfully?

Turn the Other Cheek...Towards God

Is it practical to "turn the other cheek" these days? The answer may be surprising. It requires strength.

Turn the Other Cheek...Towards God

Is it practical to "turn the other cheek" these days? The answer may be surprising. It requires strength.

Turn the Other Cheek...Towards God

Is it practical to "turn the other cheek" these days? The answer may be surprising. It requires strength.

Salt and Light

Jesus expected us to be "the salt of the earth - the light of the world." Could we transform family dynamics, save failing marriages, overhaul careers?

A Christmas Roast

A burnt roast didn't ruin our family Christmas, which is about love. We maintained our God-given joy, celebrating Christ.

Disaster Preparedness

Is your family prepared to evacuate in case disaster hits? Here's how to prepare a grab bag that includes spiritual necessities, too.

Peace Amidst Storms

When disasters hit, how can we respond to help and heal?

Easter Redemption

What God gives you is yours and cannot be taken away. God redeems us as certainly as Jesus resurrected.

Love and Leadership

What makes a great leader? Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and Jesus all have it in common.

Be An Angel: Show Others Their Greatness

Will you be an angel and show others their goodness? Then accept your own innocence, too.

Christmas is Love in Action

Let's welcome the Christ into our lives and discover the unifying power of Love in action.

"The Good That I Would" ... I Can Do!

What keeps us from doing what we know is right? And how can we do what's good?

Go and Do Likewise

What type of world do we want for our children? Are we following Jesus' command, "Go and do likewise?"

Defeating Our Goliaths

We can defeat Goliath-like problems-life-threatening disease, financial crisis-as David did.

Slow Down, Be Present, Find Balance

It's easy to rush through our days. Slowing down and being present can help us enjoy a balanced life.

The Greatest Gift - "Love Extravagantly"

What is the greatest gift we can give? Is it not love? To love as Jesus loved?

A Life Lesson from Noah: Patience

Technology has sped up our lives. If emails don't pop up instantly, something is wrong! Patience is waning. And then there's Noah.

Hear the Christmas Message

"Whoever has ears, let them hear!" Are we hearing-understanding with our heart-the message that Jesus came to share?

Be Grateful for You

You are God's beloved child. This Thanksgiving, be grateful for the wonderful you God made. Learn to love yourself as God loves you.

Key to Happiness and Harmony - The Sermon on the Mount

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount gives the key to lasting happiness, harmony that no storm can shake.

The Best Way to Fit In

Social media adds pressure for teens to fit in. Here are ways to help them fit in the right way. It applies to work, too.

Be Grateful, It's Healthy

Many recent studies prove the power of gratitude. Not only does gratitude help our outlook on life, but it actually improves our health.

Humilty - The Missing Virtue

How did we get to a place where we idealize self-importance and belittle meekness and humility? And how do we gain humility, which gives us true confidence and greatness?


Having fun is one of the best parts of life. But some activities we think are fun end up being harmful.

Motives for Success

Motives make all the difference, so how can we be sure our motives will help us succeed? Are we in it for ourselves or others, to make an impression or to glorify God?

How Can I Help You? vs. How Dare You!

When people do something wrong, we have a choice - to help or condemn. "How Can I Help You? vs. How Dare You!" shows how Jesus transformed lives through love rather than judgment - and how we can, too.

A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart

In our search for happiness, gratitude is the best place to start. Things can't give us happiness. God gives us enough.

Judge Not

Judging others hurts us and limits our opportunities. Find out how forgiveness helps us replace criticism with compliments, focus on what's good, and bring healing.

Become Like Little Children

In our efforts to grow up, we sometimes forget what is so precious about childhood. Jesus never did. Jesus valued the purity, openness, honesty, and unconditional love children express, as should we.

God is the Performer

With God's power Jesus was able to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons, which means we should at least be able to use his power to cast out fear of performance. God supplies the message and we are able to flawlessly communicate it.

Endurance: Bending Not Breaking

God made us with endurance in Mind. With qualities like patience, happiness, gratitude, trust in God, and Love, we are able to endure any hardship.

Sure-Fire Travel Tips

Travel allows us to see the great world that God has created. Don't allow yourself to become stressed or weary. Prepare for a successful trip by making your travels God-centered.

The Attitude of Creativity

Creativity is an expression of God's infinite abundance. Despite how many concepts have already been created, there is still an infinite amount for us to design on our own.

Hopeless? Never!

Nothing is hopeless. Today, we consistently limit ourselves by identifying things as impossible or hopeless. Yet, through the Bible we see that the feats most identify as hopeless are accomplished through faith in God. When we love God, nothing is hopeless.

True Charity is Love

Charity is often associated with the foundational set of Christian ethics. Yet, most people, even some Christians, don't realize that charity isn't just money. Be generous with your kindness, love, and compassion to spread true charity.

Lessons from the Balance Beam

The balance beam can teach you a lot. For instance, focus, look where you want to land, and trust in God to keep a healthy, balanced life. Not to mention, you'd learn a few tricks for the next time you see a balance beam.

Recreation Renews and Restores

Summer is a time for relaxation and recuperation, but how do we make sure that our activities reflect God? If they help us demonstrate Christ-like qualities and we balance relaxation and play then we are doing well!.

Christmas Love

Christmas is a time to reflect back on the life of Jesus Christ and the love he demonstrated, which was often directed at the unloved. For Christmas we should focus on giving the gift of love, especially to those who lack it.

The Power of Gratitude

Being grateful is overrated, right? Wrong! Life is great, and as long as we maintain our grasp on what is good in our lives, despite what may temporarily be going awry, life can only get better.

Two Brothers Reunited - The Story of Jacob and Esau

Two brothers reunited - the story of Jacob and Esau.

The Power of Forgiveness

It is easy to think we are doing others a favor by forgiving them. In actuality, we are doing ourselves a favor. We bless everyone, including ourselves, by forgiving others.