Articles – Morality

Judge Not

Judging others hurts us and limits our opportunities. Find out how forgiveness helps us replace criticism with compliments, focus on what's good, and bring healing.

Education: Credentials or Character?

The most important education is character focused. By traditional means our educations are measured by year or credential; yet, Jesus measured mean by character. Traditional knowledge should take a backseat to spiritual enlightenment.

A Golden Rule Life

The Golden Rule empowers those that apply it. Rather than taking a passive stance to life, the Golden Rule requires us to act. If we wish to be treated with Love, we must love others.

Cheating – What's the Real Price?

Honesty is central to good ethics and nearly all relationships we form. Yet, we often find a double standard for those that cheat and don't get caught. To maintain good ethics, we must maintain that cheating is wrong and works against God.

Where Do I Belong? With God!

We all want to belong and fit in, but what do we want to belong to? We should select the groups we associate with based on morals, not social standing.

Welcome Change

We cannot change others, but we can inspire them. Inspiring others starts with changing ourselves and can have a profound effect on those around us.

Integrity Matters – No Matter What!

Integrity keeps us from taking the easy way out and keeps us on the path to God. By following the path to God we learn to love and convey His message.

The Gift of Purity – You're Worth It!

There can be a tremendous amount of social pressure on teens to lose their virginity; it's a pretty hot topic in high school. What most teens don't talk about, though, are the benefits of abstinence, which often far outweigh the benefits of having sex.