Articles – Tragedy

Disaster Preparedness

Is your family prepared to evacuate in case disaster hits? Here's how to prepare a grab bag that includes spiritual necessities, too.

A Healing Response to Violence

Unforeseeable dangers and disasters fly at us everyday. Instead of attempting to swat them away with matter, use the loving alternative.

Responding to Bad Weather

Bad weather can be a major downer. It can ruin plans, cancel flights, and seem like it might never end. Many of our Biblical forefathers faced challenges far greater than bad weather and worked through them by remembering that their challenges will pass, just like the weather.

Healing Responses to Hurricanes

Disasters can wreak havoc on nearly all aspect of our lives, except our thoughts. We alone control our thoughts and can use them to turn a negative situation into a positive one. Combat disaster with prayer, faith, and kindness.

Prayer – A Remedy for Terror

While many of the top diplomats and politicians of the world search for a solution to the increasing threat of terrorism, is it possible that God has always provided a solution? The answer is a resounding yes, and the solution is prayer.