Articles – Dealing with Emotions

Dust Specks and Logs

Criticism and condemnation hurt. How do we get rid of such attitudinal logs?

A Ski Lesson: Lead from the Heart

How do you help someone who is struggling? I learned lessons helping my daughter ski.

Defeating the Goliath of Anger and Resentment

Anger and resentment help no one. In fact, they are consistently one of the main roadblocks to healthy relationships and happy lives. Anger and resentment are our Goliaths, and God has provided as many stones as we need to conquer them.

No Need for Jealousy

Jealousy is very subtle. One minute we can be thinking about a friend's new car and the next we might be wishing it were our car instead. To combat jealousy we should rejoice in others accomplishments and take pride in our own.

Face Down Fear

Fear can be petrifying, but only because we give it power. When we remember that God is beside us, all of our various fears that seem so real turn out to be nothing more than the monster under our beds.

Joy Defeats Depression

Depression tells us that our joy can be taken away. This is not true. God provides our joy, which is eternal and ever-present.

Defusing Anger

Anger can seem uncontrollable, but that is a false idea. Anger is a reaction. To defuse it, stop reacting and respond. If we take time, focus on peace, and then respond to the problems at hand, our anger will have dissipated.